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Vietnam's start-up linanetwork engages in the Thai market

According to the latest statistics published by International Data Corporation (IDC), global blockchain spending will continue to grow to $ 11.7 billion in 2022; Japan and Canada are the fastest growth. The development of blockchain technology is just as lively in Southeast Asia. Born as one of the region's leading innovation centers, Vietnam understands the fundamental contribution in which technology could contribute to the development of society and local businesses.

Founded by a group of professionals amid the boom of information technology (IT) start-ups in Vietnam, Lina Network has positioned itself well in the field of blockchain technology, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Since its inception, under the vision of Vu Truong Ca, President and also a veteran of the IT, Lina Network has rapidly expanded and developed into a promising advanced technology provider. In October 2018, Lina Network launched the blockchain-based supply chain, a complete solution that helps companies find a solution to the root causes of the problem. Lina Network sees Thailand as its important market which foresees a strong growth in the blockchain technology market.

The partnership between Lina Network and Thai companies has been founded for many years. Many of Lina Network's strategic partners are the most important companies in Thailand such as Chok Chai, SAP Siam Food International, AIM THAI, Pumeesin 99 Co. Ltd, PP Company, Aonang Landmark and also big companies from Japan as Universal Consultant, Komatsu Bussan, National Farmers, BSO, Smart-Agro, E-Solution.

To celebrate the relationship between Lina Network and Thai companies, a special event "Lina Concert – Passion of Rothschild" was organized on November 24th at the Le Méridien hotel in Bangkok. Particularly attended by Mrs. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, British opera singer and member of the Rothschild family in England, who has worked in various sectors including financial services, real estate, mining, energy and even charity work , CEOs / leaders of large companies like PTT, Siam Commercial Bank, representatives of global companies from New Zealand, India, United States, Thailand …, local entrepreneurs and friends of Mrs. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild.

This is the first time a member of the Rothschild family has accepted an invitation from a Blockchain company in Vietnam to attend an official event. In the intimate meeting before the event, Baroness Charlotte De Rothschild had a brief conversation with the LINA team on future plans and plans. In front of the special performance of Mrs. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, the guests were brought together to share ideas on the application of the platform blockchain technology in companies. Many Thai companies are satisfied with the results using Lina Network's innovative products and services that help improve transparency, security, traceability, operational efficiency, speed and cost optimization.

Being a forerunner with sustainable finance platforms and core technology, Lina Network is committed to bringing its experience, its solutions, its innovative products to Thailand, helping local businesses to achieve operational efficiency, security and the generation of values.

Mrs. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild (standing in the middle) and Mr. Vu Truong Ca (seated right) – President of Lina Network

"It was a great pleasure to welcome Charlotte De Rothschild to Thailand for the first time ever," said VũTrường Ca, president of the board of directors of Lina Network. "The event was a great success, the singing was simply wonderful and everyone was thrilled to see Charlotte perform, and this is such an opportunity for LINA Network to share our vision and commitment not only in Vietnam but also in the whole world.In addition, the event allows us to transmit the message of LINA Network on the opportunities offered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution "

Lina Network is a member of Smart Links Swiss Group, a multinational company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Based on the standard Blockchain technology platform, Lina Network has constantly improved the key products of the company to apply Blockchain in life, such as: audit platform, digital identity, supply chain, health care, education.Lina promises to be a Blockchain group leader in the market. from multinational business partners and continues to lead the technology race not only in Asia but also in the world.

After signing a "Digital Identity on Blockchain" contract with the Laos government, Lina Network has also worked successfully with more than 30 companies from Japan, Thailand, India and the United States. … in applying the Blockchain supply chain in the production process. LINA Network has also collaborated with the world's leading universities to open the Blockchain Research Institute for research, training and the provision of high quality human resources for this sector.

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