VIDEO. The first images with Donald and Melania Trump in public, after the elections


Donald Trump had his first official appearance since losing the election to Democrat Joe Biden. The American president attended a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery despite bad weather. The White House leader came to the ceremony with First Lady Melania Trump and United States Vice President Mike Pence.

Donald Trump did not look at the press or comment.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden attended a Veterans Day ceremony in Philadelphia. Both of his sons, Beau, who died 5 years ago, and Hunter served in the United States Army.

In the election campaign, The Atlantic had published a bombshell article claiming – citing four sources on condition of anonymity – that President Donald Trump had repeatedly spoken in contemptuous terms about the American soldiers killed on the battlefield. He would call them “suckers” and “losers”. In addition, the author of the article claims, the American president canceled a visit to a cemetery of French heroes for fear that the rain would ruin his carefully arranged hair. Of course, Donald Trump vehemently denied this information and on Wednesday, when he went to Airlington Cemetery on Veterans Day, the incident even made it rain.

Donald Trump is making layoffs

Meanwhile, while that result confirms a new mandate, Donald Trump, the incumbent president, is cleaning up his administration. At least 9 officials were fired, moved to other positions or determined to do sois give themselves resignation after it became clear that Donald Tcroup he lost the election. The most sensational dismissal is that of the head of the Pentagon, from the beginning of the week. Meanwhile, his deputy and chief of staff were fired.

And between 6 and 8 November the administration Trump has secretly fired the heads of the three federal agencies that oversee nuclear weapons, electricity and gas regulation, and international aid.

Another official fired by the US leader is the scientist who oversees climate change as part of the global change research program.

The US press writes that many senior officials who have hired Trump could be removed in the coming weeks.

Publisher: Luana Pavaluca


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