VIDEO: MMA fighter strangles his opponent until he loses consciousness


In this way the victory was taken by the Israeli fighter Natan Levy, whose performance also earned him the chance to sign a contract with the UFC.

Israeli mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Natan Levy emerged victorious at Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) event, held this Tuesday in Las Vegas, USA, after subduing his rival, American Shaheen, with a powerful wrench. Santana.

The 29-year-old Israeli representative ended the fight earlier than expected when he managed to knock the American down in the third round. The fight footage shows Levy positioned on top of Santana with his right arm gripping his neck until he is strangled.

Immediately, the referee rushed to part the fighter and ended the lawsuit while Santana he lay on the canvas with his eyes half open and unconscious.

After winning the fight, Levy remains undefeated and has a total of 6 wins, while Santana is left with 6 wins and 1 loss.

The result of the evening also had an additional reward for the Israeli fighter, who ended up signing an exclusive contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), according to ESPN.

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