VIDEO: Lina Tejeiro responds to followers who criticize her underwear


Instagram @linatejeiro
Instagram @linatejeiro

In the morning hours of this Tuesday, November 9th, Lina Tejeiro uploaded a series of stories to her official Instagram profile, while showing how she has done her hair after several days of recordings leaving him mistreated. However, what caught the attention of the actress’s 7+ million followers was the underwear peeking over her pants.

Apparently, many people started asking Tejeiro what was seen in his abdomen. Then the actress made more stories explaining what it was all about. Tejeiro said it was a “divine” panty that has several stripes, reaching up to the abdomen.

“They are very curious about this”, he said pointing to the blue stripes that stood out on the abdomen, “what is it, that if I raised the straps up to my neck, because I wore it so ugly, “began the actress’s response.

Hence, the actress, recognized for having responded directly to the criticisms she receives daily on her networks, She assured that she wore that dress because she likes it and because she wears clothes to look good, not to please others.

While Tejeiro was putting on her makeup, she continued to talk about criticisms of her underwear, assuring that she finds it “very amusing that people comment on something she has no power in,” like what she decides to wear.

“They don’t buy it for me or anything, they just tell me ‘I don’t like your blouse’. And what do you want me to do? Change it for you? Really people are very crazy”He confessed that he had previously taken offense with such comments, but now they just make him laugh.

The actress added with a laugh that she there are faces of many people who don’t like them “, but that’s not why I send them to be operated on.

These are the stories that Lina Tejeiro posted on her Instagram:

Lina Tejeiro is angry with followers criticizing her underwear

Tejeiro also gave advice to those who criticize her: “You have to understand that people dress the way they want and people dress for themselves, not for others. I dress for myself, not for you ”.

He concluded his stories by saying this “It’s not like I care about negative comments, because I really don’t give a shit. I’m not going to throw away my clothes for what they tell me. I just find it curious. “

An Instagram account that is dedicated to sharing news about the lives of famous Colombians, has published the compilation of Tejeiro’s stories and, in the comments, several have applauded his response, but others have also criticized it.

“Excellent response”, “Yina Calderón two, how lazy”, “but if they publish everything is up to people to think”, were some of the reactions who left Lina Tejeiro’s response to her followers in the Instagram community.

The discord between Lina Tejeiro and Raúl Gasca for a comment on social media

Recently the actress, who started her career on the ‘Parents and Children’ series, strongly responded to one of the Gasca brothers for an emoticon that she posted in a photo on her Instagram.

Discord between Lina Tejeiro and Raúl Gasca on social networks.
Discord between Lina Tejeiro and Raúl Gasca on social networks.

The brawl broke out when Raúl Gasca posted a photo of a pig’s nose in the publication of a photograph, in which Tejeiro looks without makeup and with her hair tied up.

The actress reacted immediately and called him a clown.


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