VIDEO Audited by the LIBE Committee, Toader vigorously defends his order: In no country the Supreme Court does not constitute a violation of the law / Eurodeputy: Do not take any action that can effectively legalize corruption – Essential


Tudorel Toader answers the questions.

"We assure you that at the moment the EU is at the center of the Romanians because they have seen and convinced of this common area of ​​freedom, security, some of my questions have been addressed to me as President of the Council, others as Minister of Justice ", he has declared.

UPDATE 11:35 Carmen Dan, on MCV: "The last report, on my field of specialization, highlights the DGA experience in the Ministry of the Interior.I assure you that we are constantly concerned about improving the legislative framework to prevent and fight the corruption ".

Carmen Dan also talked about the need for Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen: "I appreciate the continued support of most Member States, the EC and the European Parliament and I think these support messages give weight to our goal". Recent debates confirm as soon as possible the need for a decision in terms of the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to Schengen: unity is needed to tackle this problem, not to create an artificial difference between Member States ".

UPDATE 11:30 The Minister of the Interior, Carmen Dan, answers the questions of the deputies. Dan talks about security and asylum across EU borders, without responding to criticism of the rule of law.

"We are talking about pressure at the external borders, last year was the pressure at the lowest level.This does not mean that everything works well and it is important to look for solutions.Our role is to ensure that legislative proposals have the necessary clarity and that they are adapted as quickly as possible to the benefit of torture, "he said. "The package on the Common European Asylum System – is a dossier in which efforts have been made.As a JAI President, I assure you that we will continue our discussions to find solutions that reflect the balance between solidarity and responsibility", He said.

UPDATE 11:09 Monica Macovei asks if the European partners have been consulted on the OUG on the five advantages. "The Romanian people deserve the rule of law and respect for the European Union (…) We all want to have a successful presidency, but for this we must trust (…) Yesterday the prime minister said that he discussed with you the adoption of this ordinance as soon as possible on the basis of the RCC decision, a decision made for the future, that is why I say that the trust of the other states in you is essential to guide the JAI Council. this mysterious amnesty, have you consulted the EU, that Romania could be punished for such a measure? ", the Romanian MEP Monica Macovei asked the Minister of Justice.

UPDATE 11:02 Alleged criticism from the ALDE representatives in the European Parliament. "I also express my concern for the rule of law in Romania, this European system will work if all states adhere to the same standards, we are concerned about what we have learned about plans to cancel around 100 criminal convictions. take into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission, "Justice Minister ALDE Group Sophie said in & # 39; t Veld.

UPDATE 10:55 Several Members have expressed concern about what is happening in Romania. "Corruption is the antithesis of what concerns the EU, we are worried about the situation in Romania and I saw how your government was launched on the citizens who protested peacefully, and the Romanians are passionate Europeans". Nobody will let them go ", Mr Roberta Metsola, EPP) who asked Tudorel Toader to consider the Venice Commission's report.

"We are concerned about what is happening in Romania and we ask you not to take any action that could legalize corruption". We have seen how this has happened so far, the MCV report for Romania has been the most critical, "said Helga Stevens.

Ministers Carmen Dan and Tudorel Toader are heard on Wednesday in the LIBE committee of the European Parliament, which presents Romania's priorities for the presidency of the EU Council. Carmen Dan has listed the internal affairs goals of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, showing that citizens must remain at the center of the EU's concerns.

In turn, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader argued that one of the goals of the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union is to help increase the trust of citizens in the act of justice.

"I want to convey my message of deep appreciation to you, to Parliament in general, because Parliament is the highest expression of the democratic legitimacy of the Union", began its exposure to the LIBE committee.

He argued that one of the objectives of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union is to contribute to increasing the trust of citizens in the act of justice. "We want a result-based, narrow-minded presidency (…) We will not distance ourselves from general guidelines, from respect for common values, fundamental rights and freedoms, to the rule of law", said Toader.

Among the priorities, Toader also listed the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, stating that the need to set up "is so obvious that no further arguments are needed" and said that the prosecutor will be appointed in the next period. European Head.

"By March 31, we must send proposals to European prosecutors, Romania is making the internal procedure operational and by November, this process must be made operational," said the Minister of Justice.

The hearing of the Minister of Justice takes place one day after the criticism of the representatives of the European Commission on the intention of the government to adopt an emergency ordinance allowing convicted persons to submit a cassation for annulment for illicitly constituted crimes .

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