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Victim of the accident with the Duke of Edinburgh does not apologize

"I'm lucky to be alive," he confessed.


20 January 2019, 18:07

A woman who had the same incident as the prince Phillip has given new indications on what happened last Thursday, January 17. Emma Fairweather ensures that the husband of Isabella II he did not apologize to him and that he had already been warned by the police that he had been driving without a seat belt. The mother of two children was in the car involved in the collision and in which the wrist broke, remember that she could not stop screaming. He was assured that he would return from Buckingham Palace, but the international press revealed that he had only received a message from the police.

In addition to Emma, ​​a friend and her nine-month-old son followed in the car, a fact that created panic among those present. For Emma, ​​which could have been brief, it seemed like an eternity, underlining that she had no idea of ​​the queen's husband because he could only think of the child. "I'm lucky to be alive", he confessed.

Despite the accident and his 97 years, 48 ​​hours after the Duke of Edinburgh returned to the wheel, despite the warning of the police he received. Emma also remembers that it was that member of the royal family who received more attention from the other pilots who, passing through the area, came across that scenario and feared to be left behind.

According to the source of the building, there were contacts with the victims and both exchanged messages of rapid improvement, which Emma says did not happen.

"I know the queen is a busy woman, but I was thrilled with the idea that she was calling me, but I just got a call from the police, I love the royal family, but I was ignored and refused and hurt … It would mean a lot to me if Prince Philip had apologized, but I do not think he regretted everything that happened ", argues.

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