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vice postulator of the beatification of the Venerable

"It is time to pray to God for the approval of the miracle": vice postulator of the beatification of the Venerable

Monsignor Tulio Ramírez, auxiliary bishop of Caracas and acting as vice postulator of the cause of beatification of Dr. Trujillo José Gregorio Hernández for three years, welcomed with great enthusiasm the news of the beginning of the so-called Roman phase of the education of the alleged miracle the girl of Guarico, Yaxury Solórzano Ortega, 12 years old.

"The Venezuelan bishops are grateful to God for this manifestation of the miraculous work of José Gregorio", he says, in a telephone conversation with PANORAMA, while explaining that with the Vatican's delivery, last Friday, of the recording of the possible divine action Through the intercession of Dr. Hernández, the diocesan phase of the trial was closed.

"It is important to pray to God so that this presumed miracle becomes the miracle that we expect the Venerable to be brought to the altars," urges the prelate, urging all Venezuelans to join in prayer for the prompt declaration of the blessed call doctor of the poor.

Believes that the celebration of this year of the centenary of the death of the scientist and university professor, held in La Pastora, in the capital of the country, on 29 June 1919, is a great opportunity for all the parishes of the country to be held days of prayer for José Gregorio Hernández to become the fourth local parish to ascend to the national altars, after the religious María de San José, Candelaria de San José and Rendiles, founders of congregations.

He recalled that in the archdiocese of Caracas, Cardinal Baltazar Porras, his apostolic administrator, declared on Monday the 14th the beginning of the Jubilee Year for the 100th anniversary of the death of one who was declared venerable by Pope John Paul II 33 years ago, later to demonstrate that he lived the theological and cardinal virtues in a heroic way,

It assures, however, Ramírez that the decision of the Holy See is not so opportune, on the basis that "we have to wait for the turning point, because there are many cases" that receives the aforesaid dicastery.

"The beatification of the Venerable would contribute to the social pact we so badly need in Venezuela, to which we all join him around in the midst of the difficult situation we are experiencing," said the prelate of Caracas.

Ensures that the case of the alleged recovery of the girl from the city of Mangas Coveras in the hospital Pablo Acosta Ortiz, in San Fernando de Apure, has "high probability that it will be approved, because it is well documented by the ecclesiastical court that was installed in San Fernando di Apura and because he has the approval of one of the doctors working in the Congregation for the Causes of Saints ".

He revealed that there were many cases of possible miracles of the doctor born in Isnotú, in Trujillo, on October 26, 1864, during the 1970s of the case, who worked, without specifying the number, and stressed that they were not presented to the Vatican for being disapproved by a Vatican doctor, due to various reasons, mainly due to lack of documentation, and for mediocre medical examinations and diagnoses.

In this regard, he specified that there were three cases that did not thrive because they were fired by the aforementioned medical expert: one in 2017 and two in 2018.

"In the beatification cause office we receive a lot of information, which we classify as low, medium and high probability of being miracles, and then we work with the latter, with great prudence and industriousness, because in Rome they are very demanding" he said.

He also warned that cases of alleged healing after invoking the Venerable from people with "cancerous tumors are very complicated to control", due to recurrence and metastasis.

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