Vettel gets his first podium of 2020 after a great race


sebastian vettel finishes third in the turkish gp

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While it’s true that after seeing Sebastian Vettel’s season so far and seeing the situation he was in before the lights went out today, surely no one would have bet to see the German driver on the podium for the first time in 2020. , but he finally succeeded.

Vettel is reunited with his best level

From the very first meters the German driver showed that today was his day, despite starting from eleventh place, Sebastian Vettel managed to get to the podium very early and, after a race of endurance and regularity, Ferrari succeeded to return to the podium on the last lap of the race after a mistake by team mate Charles Leclerc.

These are the words of Sebastian Vettel after obtaining his first podium from the 2019 Mexican GP: “The race was very intense. I managed to make a great start and I got into fourth position. But nevertheless, Lthose in between have fallen during the course of the race, therefore it was important to keep them wet and fortunately I found a great pace and managed to finish third.

What happened on the last lap was a surprise and a reward for Sebastian Vettel’s excellent work in Turkey today: It was a surprise to be on the podium on the last lapbut that’s why it was such an exciting race. Charles was very close to fighting Sergio and he knew they both had problems, I just took the opportunity what did they give me “.

Finally, and despite the podium, the German driver regretted not having mounted the dry tires in the final laps to try his luck: “There was a time when I thought about putting on dry tires, but due to the rain that was expected at the end of the race no one put them on and I wish I had and who knows, maybe I would have won too.

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