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Very close! The divers encounter huge white sharks

"A big, beautiful and kind giant": divers encounter a six-meter long shark off the coast of Hawaii and take fascinating pictures of the encounter.

The divers found a giant white shark off the coast of Hawaii – and made fascinating shots of the meeting. The female of a two-meter-long shark appeared suddenly, while the other sharks before the island of Oahu devoured the sperm of a sperm whale, while the diver Ocean Ramsey said the newspaper "Honolulu Star Adviser".

The other sharks would leave. The Great White Shark then rubbed himself on the diver's boat.

"He was just a big, nice and kind giant who wanted to use our boat like a scratching post," Ramsey said. The divers spent the day swimming with the Great White Shark photographing the animal.

It is estimated to be 50 years old

Ramsey has estimated the age of the shark for at least 50 years and weighs two and a half tons. The Great White Shark was "frightfully wide" and probably pregnant, he said.

The female had similarities with "Deep Blue", which is considered the greatest white shark so far. It had been filmed off the island of Guadalupe, off the west coast of Mexico. In Hawaiian waters white sharks are rarely spotted, because the water is too hot there.

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