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Venezuelans must submit judicial documentation to enter Ecuador

21 January 2019 09:26
Updated January 21, 2019 at 09:38

Otto Sonnenholzner, Vice-President of Ecuador, announced on Monday that he will be required to submit a criminal record sent to Venezuelans who wish to enter the country. This is after the recent murder of an Ecuadorian by a Venezuelan citizen.

Sonnenholzner said that Ecuador had exhausted all the cases with Nicolás Maduro to access the databases on Venezuelans arriving in the country, but added that they were not able to gain access to this information. The Commerce.

The vice president has indicated that these checks will be strengthened through a register that will allow to know the situation of those who are in the Ecuadorian national territory.

He also stressed that he would impose sanctions on those "unscrupulous" employers who take advantage of the Venezuelan work in migrant situations.

"Without generalizations, but with a firm hand, today we must distinguish between the Venezuelans fleeing from the government of Maduro and others who take advantage of this situation to commit a crime," said Sonnenholzner.

In the end, he asked the Ecuadorians to take on the problems in moderation and without fomenting hatred.

With information from The Commerce.

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