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Users of the Blockchain.com portfolio complain about some problems – BTC threads

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The popular wallet blockchain.com, producer of cryptocurrencies, is making headlines today for all the wrong reasons. Users of the cryptographic wallet provider had to face certain technical problems when it came to the company's Bitcoin wallet.

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Blockchain.com, formerly known as Blockchain.info, was founded in 2011 and is located outside of Luxembourg.

The problems faced by users range from not being able to access their accounts, other technical problems. Below is an image of a problem faced by a Canadian user. He says that every time he tries to access his account, this message keeps ticking.

Source: blockchain.com client

This is not the only two problems that have been reported. An Israeli user states that his portfolio balance has fallen to zero. However, it did not stay that long. In about an hour or so, the balance of the portfolio has returned to normal. But that was not the end of his problems. He then reported that he was not able to send money from his wallet.

More users on Reddit discussed this new situation with the portfolio:

Source: reddit.com

The cryptocurrency provider is one of the biggest names in the industry and claims to manage "over 31 million portfolios" that have collectively transferred $ 200 billion between them. It also states "the lowest rates in the sector".

BTC Wires has contacted the cryptographic portfolio provider for a comment, we will update the piece as soon as we have more news.

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