User Experience Update: Apple officially installs the MacOS Big Sur operating system


Apple announced the new MacOS Big Sur operating system mid-year at the WWDC 2020 conference. After a few months, it was presented again in detail at the previous new MacBook “One More Thing” conference. Finally, Apple officially released it today. Its latest is the new Big Sur operating system.

The new MacOS Big Sur was gradually introduced to developers earlier this year, followed by a public beta, but today is the first official update date for this long-awaited operating system. Big Sur companion includes a complete visual update of the Mac interface, including opaque window borders, application LOGO design, more consistent and narrower icon arrangement, simplified notification bar, control center, gadgets and more . Apple said improvements to Apple’s internal applications such as Safari provide stronger privacy protection measures, improving performance by 50%, and related electronic products can be better integrated into the operating system, so that Big Sur and iOS has a greater cohesion in Memoji, group chats, etc. In addition, the Apple Map will also be updated, bringing users a travel guide and providing itinerary recommendations in line with user preferences. Finally, it is calmer when switching connected AirPods devices, allowing users to easily play their favorite music almost seamlessly.

Currently, MacOS Big Sur has been launched on iMac and MacBook. Those interested can go to the computer settings or click the link on the official website to download and use it.

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