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Useful cryptocurrency accounting program

Moonie app review: useful accounting Cryptocurrency accounting program

Moonie is a digital desktop accounting program designed primarily for investors and small-scale cryptocurrency operators. The platform is a cost-effective accounting solution that helps the user prepare for tax reporting. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to keep accurate records of cryptocurrency trading, which is why Moonie was born.

The user simply has to enter all his transaction activity and then Moonie will do the rest The platform also allows users to generate reports ranging from a simple summary of the fiscal year to a complete breakdown of balances, profits, commissions and holds.

As the platform is a stand-alone desktop app, users are free to work anywhere at any time. Users should be aware that Moonie is a stand-alone desktop application available for Mac, OS and Windows computers. The app is not meant for mobile devices.

Processing of transactions

The platform accepts users' incoming, outgoing and commercial transactions as required basic data types. Users must enter the price each time they make a cryptocurrency transaction.

Users are also required to enter the end of the tax year of daily prices for all currencies traded over the entire period. In addition, users can enter paid commissions, reference numbers, descriptions, account addresses and transaction IDs.

All these transactions can be entered manually or via generic CSV import. When users sell cryptocurrency, they are making a capital gain or a loss. This is possible when they exchange a cryptocurrency with another in exchange, they exchange a cryptocurrency in fiat or when they make a purchase or give someone who uses cryptocurrency.

In addition, when taxes are paid, the earnings of the commission are recorded. The platform stores all its data locally in a database on the user's computer. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to perform regular backups. Furthermore, the platform has no way to access or recover lost data. It is for this reason that the platform provides the user with an easy backup to the app for their convenience.

However, the platform does not do the following:

  1. Not complete or send tax forms
  2. It does not provide historical prizes in currency.
  3. It does not provide tax or accounting advice

The platform can be used offline, but if you activate "Recover current prices", it is able to collect current cryptocurrency prizes from various online platforms. Users can use their local currency, which Moonie will display all the values ​​in it.

Why Moonie?


The platform is designed in such a way that a modern and aesthetic dashboard shows your current portfolio status.


The platform allows users to enter their transaction activities very easily. Users can now perform inbound, outbound, exchanges, transfers, commissions or import via CSV with ease.


Reports can be generated on the platform on all user cryptocurrencies activities, such as balances, transactions, commissions, earnings, holds.


There are no subscriptions when you enter the platform. Users only have to buy it once and keep it forever. The platform is, therefore, a low-cost solution for small-scale investors and traders.

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