Use of the quantum properties of light for the transmission of information


Research in this field should significantly improve and enhance communication, information technology …

Researchers at the University of Rochester and Cornell University have managed to overcome another milestone in the development of new telecommunications networks that operate on the basis of long-distance photon exchange, key elements of quantum computing and communication systems quantum. The science team designed a nano-scale node made of magnetic and semiconductor materials that could interact with other nodes using laser light to emit and receive photons.

The node itself is made up of 120 nanometer high columns arranged in a row. The array is designed so that each column acts as a position marker for a quantum state that can interact with photons, and related photons can potentially interact with other locations throughout the device. This technology has the potential to connect quantum nodes over long distances, even at the subatomic level.

The project is based on the work carried out in recent years by the Vamivakas laboratory using tungsten diselenide (WSe2) in the so-called Van der Waals heterostructures. This work uses layers of atomically thin materials to create or capture single photons.

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