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US Special Investigator Mueller: Trump report called "incorrect"

The US special investigator's office, Mueller, rejected a report as defective, according to which President Trump should have called his former lawyer Cohen to make false statements before the congress.

By Torsten Teichmann, ARD Studio Washington

The office of the US special investigator Robert Mueller does not usually issue press releases on current investigations. But a report from the "Buzzfeed News" portal, the investigators now seemingly forced to do something clear. The report said that President Donald Trump had instructed his former lawyer Cohen to lie to the United States Congress.

In a statement prepared by a spokesman for Mueller, he now says that the crucial parts of the article are "incorrect". It concerns the description of the testimonies and the presentation of the documents. He had reached the Special Investigator's office regarding statements by Trump's attorney at the United States Congress.

Democrats ask for impeachment

The declaration appeared shortly after the evening news in the United States. Because all the broadcasters have already reported that the Democrats are demanding clarification from Congress, including former Attorney General Eric Holder. The accusation has already been mentioned again. Trump's supporters, however, speak of false news.

Cohen testifies before boarding

Trump's former attorney, Cohen, is about to testify on February 7 before a congressional committee. He pleaded guilty to having lied to MPs about a Trump-owned project in Moscow. Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for other crimes.

MDR news reported on this topic on January 19, 2019 at 07:08.

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