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US refineries would be affected if Trump sanctions Venezuela

January 18, 2019 at 17:00
Updated January 18, 2019 17:21

US refineries could be affected if the US government decides to disable the export of refined products from North America to Venezuela or limit crude oil imports.

This measure was not taken by the White House despite the various sanctions and prohibitions on Nicolás Maduro and members of its working group, reported Reuters this Friday

"It's more serious than I've heard before." They're preparing to pull the trigger if needed, "said a manager familiar with the matter.

"US refineries have fewer supply alternatives if the Trump government reduces Venezuelan crude imports.The heavy cruds preferred by many Gulf refiners have been more difficult to obtain in recent months due to cuts and reductions in production from Western Canada, Mexico and Venezuela, "the newspaper said on its website.

Several US companies, using Venezuelan oil, have expressed their rejection of proposals that would stop imports on other occasions.

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