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US investors say they are not just for Medimás – Health – Life

Dynamic Business and Medical Solutions INC. United States of America, a company involved in the acquisition of the legal and property property of Medimás EPS, Esimed S.A and some assets managed by Saludcoop EPS in liquidation, as revealed by EL TIEMPO last December, spoke for the first time of its plans to enter the health system in Colombia.

Through a statement, the company with nearly 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry in the United States, specializing in medical tourism, said it had been exploring the business in Colombia for some years. and for this reason, since the end of last year, the acquisition of Prestnewco S.A.S and Prestmed S.A.S, owners of EPS of over 4 million members, has been identified as a priority.

At the time it emerged that the offer presented by them could amount to 1.2 billion pesos, a figure similar to that which Prestnewco and Prestmed made a year and a half ago to acquire the assets of Saludcoop in liquidation.

"The organization reiterates that although it is not the principal investor, it is developing, in collaboration with Prestnewco and Prestmed and Saludcoop EPS in liquidation, the due diligence to be presented before the Superintendence for National Health, the control entities and other competent authorities, for the corresponding request for approval ", indicates the company.

"In addition, a rigorous business plan is being structured with the legal, financial, administrative and technical features necessary to ensure sustainable, effective and quality management for patients and their families. stability for almost 9,000 employees and collaborators of the companies that would be acquired, excellent relations with the IPS of the service network and other suppliers, as well as contributing to the value of the Colombian health system ", He adds.

The DBMS also underlines that in the event that the conversations for the acquisition reach a positive conclusion, with the approval of the Superintendency of National Health and other Colombian authorities, "It would provide significant capital for the sector, while resources would be managed efficiently".

However, in the statement the DBMS explained that its expansion plans to buy at least two more EPS with a presence "in the main areas of Colombia and health investments in other countries such as the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Peru and Panama".

"In this way, the company aims to consolidate itself in the next few years as the most important health insurance company in Colombia, as well as a vast network of hospital services which provides all members and their families with high quality services with international standards, as well as an increase in the number of beds and other services that contribute to overcoming the current deficit in the country, in accordance with the Colombian regulations, "he concludes.

"There is no fixed commercial offer to buy Medimás"

Minutes before the announcement, the company DBMS, the Ministry of Health, the Superintendency for National Health and the Superintendency for Businesses have clarified, also in a declaration, thatTo date, there is no firm commercial offer concerning the sale of Medimás EPS and Esimed S.A.

According to these entities, there is only one letter of intent delivered to Saludcoop's liquidating agent, which does not comply with the formalities or with the necessary support necessary to continue the process.

With regard to possible interested investors, they pointed out that the National Health and Society Superintendents have requested Saludcoop's liquidation agent and the current owners of Medimás and Esimed, the Prestnewco and Prestmed companies, information to identify them and be clear about any commercial offer.

The statement also clarifies that these control entities continue to develop preventive actions against any offer and negotiation, as well as special monitoring of Medimás and its current owners. Furthermore, if a commercial offer is presented and formalized, the Government will work to ensure transparency and will make the respective checks in order to meet all the requirements established by law.


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