US Elections: Trump Speaks “Illegal” Votes – Major TV Broadcasters Stop Broadcasts


AMts owner Donald Trump has again portrayed himself as a victim of election fraud. Without any evidence, Trump cited a series of alleged manipulations of Tuesday’s vote in the White House Thursday night (local time).

He still considers himself a legitimate winner in several countries, despite the ongoing tally. “If you count the legal votes, I win with ease,” Trump said. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal our vote.”

Trump had already claimed election victory for himself prematurely on election night in a speech that was also heavily criticized internationally.

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Trump has so far provided no evidence to support his claims that there was massive election fraud. Furthermore, there was no evidence of this: election observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, according to their own statements, “found no evidence of systemic problems”.

Trump also criticized the fact that the poll results were knowingly published in error, to his detriment. In fact, many polls have seen challenger Joe Biden significantly better than his results so far.

Broadcasters ABC, CBS and NBC prematurely canceled the airing of Trump’s speech, with harsh criticism of Trump’s statements.

CNN and Fox News showed the entire press conference. CNN presenter Anderson Cooper later said Trump was acting like a “fat turtle lying on his back in the hot sun and rowing his legs because he realizes his time is up.”

Only Trump’s bull channel, Fox News, was at his side. Commentators Bill Bennett and Byron York have said that the fact that Trump has not identified any specific cases of fraud does not mean that it does not exist.

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Trump is behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the ongoing tally. He had previously called on Twitter to stop counting. In his White House speech, he again announced that he would be massively defending himself in court against defeat.

“There will be many lawsuits. We cannot allow an election to be stolen in this way ”. Trump’s team has already filed lawsuits against vote counting in several states. In Michigan and Georgia, however, the complaints have already been denied.

In a Reuters / Ipsos poll, 16% of US citizens said they believe Trump’s claim to have won the election. The proportion is 30% among Republicans and 7% among Democrats. The vast majority therefore reject the controversial statement.

Sharp criticism from the Republicans

Trump is harshly criticized by his party members for his recent claims. “There is no justification for tonight’s president’s statements undermining our democratic process,” Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan tweeted Thursday evening (local time).

“America counts the votes and we have to respect the results, as we always have. No choice or person is more important than our democracy, “continued Hogan. In an interview with PBS station, he accused Trump and his camp of setting the stage for the current procedure – the interrogation of the results – with warnings on postal voting Hogan is the president of the National Association of Governors.

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House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it was generally not uncommon for someone to declare themselves the winner of an election, as Trump did, albeit prematurely. But: “Claiming to have won the election is different from finishing the count.”

Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, has already scolded Trump via Twitter: “The fact that it takes days to count the votes legally cast is NOT a fraud.” His Senate colleague Lisa Murkowski from Alaska warned that “everyone should be patient” as the results came. It is important to give election officials time to do their jobs. It is important to admit and count all the votes submitted legally.

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger tweeted directly to the president: “Stop it. Period, “he wrote in response to Trump’s claim that the Democrats were trying to” steal “the election.” The votes will be counted and you will win or lose, “Kinzinger wrote to Trump’s address. America will accept it. Patience is a virtue. “

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Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey and Trump’s confidant, also didn’t mince words. The Republican said there was no basis for the president’s argument. Trump’s attacks on election integrity are “a bad strategic decision” that would not be expected of someone in office.

Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton has also joined in the criticism. Bolton said in an interview with UK broadcaster Sky News that his former boss said the winner of the election was a “shame”. Trump’s remarks were among “the most irresponsible remarks a US president has ever made.”

Trump got the support of his family. His son Eric accused the party of a lack of loyalty. “Where are the Republicans? Show backbone. Fight this scam. Our constituents will not forget you if you are afraid! ”He tweeted.

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Donald Trump Jr. even invited his father to “go to war”. “It would be better for America’s future if @realDonaldTrump waged an all-out war for this election to expose all the fraud, the deceptions … that have been going on for too long,” he tweeted Thursday.

It’s time to “clean up and not look like a banana republic anymore,” added the 42-year-old. Twitter hid the short message behind the warning that the content was “controversial and possibly misleading”. The president’s son also accused his father’s party colleagues of “doing nothing”, that is, not supporting the president sufficiently.

Donald Trump’s niece, however, scornfully commented on the Republican’s behavior after the US election. “This is what it looks like when a loser loses,” Mary Trump tweeted as Trump made his statement in the White House.

Stop the count: what possibilities does Trump really have?

Trump wants to stop the vote count in individual states or have individual results checked. For example, he wants to sue for a recount in Wisconsin. And it might even be successful with that.


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