US elections: secret services increase protection for Joe Biden, who can reach more than 300 voters


D.According to media reports, the secret services will send more workers to the state of Delaware to protect US presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Biden will be staying at least another day in the city of Wilmington and possibly giving a big speech Friday, the Washington Post reported, citing two unnamed sources. Biden’s campaign team has informed the authority.

According to this, dozens of Secret Service employees are already on duty in the Chase Center convention center, where Biden and his team have been quartered. Additional agents are expected to tighten security there by Friday. The number of seconded employees in Wilmington does not match the protection that an elected president deserves.

The count continues

Having won major states, the Democrat has a good prospect of winning the US presidential election. The counting of the last votes continued on Friday. While incumbent Donald Trump has already claimed victory, Biden appears to be within walking distance of the White House. Trump has already sent his lawyers to several states with lawsuits against the count.

According to the calculations of the television station CNN, Biden is now active 253 the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. Trump shows up accordingly 214 To be right. Former Vice President of President Barack Obama should only choose one state to win.

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The tender is considered open to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia is Nevada. In Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump was initially clearly in the lead, but Biden significantly achieved the most mail-order votes. In Georgia, Biden overtook Trump on Friday. Democratic supporters were more inclined to mail their ballots than Republicans amid the coronavirus pandemic. In Nevada, which has six electoral votes and could give Biden a landing, the 77-year-old has a limited lead. In North Carolina, Trump is ahead.

In view of the still open result, all eyes are on these key states:

Nevada (6 voters)

Where Hillary Clinton won in 2016, Biden is currently just ahead of Trump with 49.4% with 48.5%. From Thursday at 18:00 (CET) there are again interim results from the state. Reasons why the rest of the count’s stalls are “preliminary” and postal ballot papers. In the former case, voters must present their identity card so that their vote can be counted – the deadline for this is Thursday 5th November. Postal ballot papers are counted if they arrive by November 10th.

Arizona (11 voters)

Some US media outlets, including Fox News and the Associated Press, announced Democrat Biden as the winner of the Southwestern state election on Wednesday, others have not yet made a decision for Arizona. CNN currently rates Biden at 50.1 percent of the vote, Trump at 48.5. Assuming Biden’s victory in Arizona, a state like Nevada with only six voters would be enough for the overall victory.

Georgia (16 voters)

In traditionally Republican Georgia, Joe Biden takes the lead with 1,096 votes after counting about 99 percent of the vote.

Pennsylvania (20 voters)

The state, which belongs to the industrial region in the north of the United States known as the rust belt, is particularly competitive. On Friday morning, 94 percent of the ballots were counted. Trump has a 49.5% lead over Biden with 49.2%. With the count of the numerous postal votes, Pennsylvania-born Biden should continue earning.

According to the authorities, the final result can be expected by Friday, as postal votes are counted up to three days after election day if they are stamped on November 3. Chief electoral guardian, Kathy Boockvar, has promised a result could be announced Thursday evening (local time).

North Carolina (15 voters)

95 percent of the votes in the conservative state on the east coast of the United States were counted early Thursday morning. Trump is therefore in the lead with 50.0 percent, Biden with 48.6 percent. However, postal votes sent at the latest on election day will be accepted until 12 November.

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Biden saw himself facing Trump in the running for the presidency. “Now, after a long night of counting, it is clear that we are winning enough states to get the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency,” he said in Wilmington, Delaware.

If Biden pushes his Arizona and Nevada leadership past the finish line, he would get 270 electoral votes – the minimum for the presidency. With Pennsylvania (20), Georgia (16) and North Carolina (15), the challenger can only get 321 electoral votes at best.

Since there have been delays at the US Post, in Pennsylvania Postal voting documents received by Friday afternoon will remain valid. Trump and the Republicans are going to court again. The US Supreme Court had approved the regulation before the election. However, three Conservatives among the nine judges were willing to take up the matter after the election.

In North Carolina the Supreme Court allowed nine days for ballots to arrive before the election, but in Wisconsin it refused an extension beyond election day. The Supreme Court also assesses whether such decisions have been made by local parliaments, electoral authorities or judges.

Trump has also sued in other states. In Michiganwhere Biden leads, he filed a lawsuit failing to stop the count. In Nevada With the gambling metropolis Las Vegas, the presidential campaign team announced a lawsuit Thursday on charges of “illegal” votes. In Wisconsin, Trump calls for a recount in the face of a close race.

In Arizona On Thursday evening, a large group of Trump supporters gathered before the electoral authority of Maricopa. Many of them were visibly carrying weapons

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According to correspondent media reports, Biden won the disputed states Michigan is Wisconsin against Trump. The Republican declared himself the winner on Wednesday evening of the elections. He tweeted Wednesday that he claimed Michigan.

During the day, Trump sat several Tweets in which he scolded the counting of votes. His track that still existed on Tuesday night had “magically disappeared” in one state after another, he wrote. In the troubled state of Pennsylvania they are “working hard” to quickly “disappear” half a million votes, he wrote elsewhere. Twitter has warned several messages of “potentially misleading” claims. Biden said: “We will not stop until all the votes have been counted.”

Trump had already raised the mood against mail-order voting during the election campaign and raised doubts about its legality, although voting by mail is an established form of voting. He warned of massive falsifications with no evidence. There was no evidence of significant election fraud. In Georgia, Trump went to court on Wednesday because, according to one of his observers, 53 ballot papers arriving late in the mail were deemed illegally.

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Trump (74) overall fared significantly better in the election than expected according to polls. Three-year-old Biden missed the clear victory the Democrats had hoped for and had to admit defeat to the Republican president in Florida and Texas, among others. Prior to the election, the “FiveThirtyEight” statistical portal only calculated a roughly ten percent chance for Trump to win.

The president of the United States is not directly elected by the citizens, but by the electorate. With the exception of the two states of Nebraska and Maine, all of their votes go to the winner in the respective state. 270 votes are required to enter the White House. In 2016, Trump got fewer votes nationwide than Hillary Clinton, but got more voters.

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