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US Defense Dept. Wants to Use Blockchain to Improve Disaster Relief

Blockchain could make its way into the disaster relief operations from the United States Department of Defense.

Troop Support's Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) office in Philadelphia earlier this month, as reviewed by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Efforts to provide aid following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico were used as a case study.

"We think there's a lot of potential [in blockchain], "CPI management analyst Elijah Londo commented, quoted in the press release:

"Where do we want to be an organization in shaping and influencing where the [Department of Defense] goes with blockchain? "

The technological improvements would be the centralized aspects of the current system, not the multiple centralized entities. Data sharing under such circumstances is an area ripe for innovation.

Also under review are "transaction processing and in-transit visibility of shipments."

Construction and Equipment Deputy Director Marko Graham continued: "This is where:

"Flowing [materiel [sic’ specifications and tracking data] from the manufacturer buying the raw materials to … getting the transportation and getting it on the barges. "

The broader U.S. defense setup has targeted blockchain's benefits for several years, involving everything from blockchain workshops to a cryptographic chat platform.

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