UPS Eyes Blockchain on offer to track global shipping data


The giant giant UPS has filed a new patent that uses blockchain as part of a distributed system for sending parcels around the world.

The patent application, published on August 16th by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), further reveals the company's interest in using the blockchain to re-imagine how shipments move around the world.

Entitled "Autonomous Service Selection System and Distributed Transport Database (s)", the concept involves storing numerous types of data within a general ledger network, including information on the destination of a package, its displacements and transport plans per shipping unit.

As previously reported by CoinDesk, UPS has joined a blockchain consortium focused on transport in 2017 and even hinted at the idea of ​​accepting bitcoins through a proposed system of cabinets for the exchange of items.

In particular, UPS suggests using more than one distributed ledger in an effort to track a series of shipping orders, "each with different information / data related to types of goods (eg shipping units and / or shipping units). shipping associated). "

"Therefore, some embodiments enable detection of a first set of dispatch units and a second set of dispatch units associated with the first set of dispatch units separately, thereby enabling the use of various related smart contracts. to shipping services and handling of shipping units in a bifurcation way, "wrote the company.

That society looks at different ways to improve the process by which it moves shipments around the world is perhaps surprising, given its size. UPS shipped over 5 billion packages and documents last year, according to its Web site, earning $ 54 billion in revenue.

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