Update of the cryptocurrency market: Ethereum bites the back with a 25% intervention in two days


Markets are recovering this Friday; Ethereum, EOS and Tron rise higher.

Markets continued with their recovery from annual lows to the end of the week. The media talked about a rebound from a dead cat, especially for Ethereum, but at the moment it is getting a new point. The total market capitalization has risen over $ 200 billion and the signals are bullish.

Bitcoin did yet another 2.5% today to send it up to $ 6.570. Analysts predict that BTC will form a double high at the $ 6,600 resistance level. Ethereum rose nearly 13% on the day to bring it back to $ 213. From its massive $ 170 minimum on Wednesday, ETH recovered 25% in just two days, pushing its capital cap back over $ 20 billion again.

The FUD mainstream media focused on the death of ETH did not deter investors and traders who returned to the highest levels. There is no doubt, however, that Ethereum is in crisis and still has a long way to go for a real recovery to be recognized. Right now $ 400 seems very far away.

Altcoins is currently mostly green, with Ethereum in first place in the top 25. EOS took second place in the top ten with an increase of 8% in the day to $ 5.37. Bitcoin Cash and Monero are behind with over 6% earnings each. Stellar has not moved much with only 1.5% in the last 24 hours.

Looking further down the Tron list is going well with a rebound of 7% to $ 0.020, followed by Iota and Nem who earn more than 5% each. Dogecoin has cooled and actually declined after days of good earnings, it has dropped by 6% in the day.

Rchain is outpacing the first one by going up 50% on the day to $ 0.30. Aurora and MOAC pumped 30 percent and 25 percent respectively, and Dropil, Decred and Maker are also double-digit over 13 percent. Emercoin is about to end up with a landfill of 14% a day.

The total capitalization of the crypto-market is coming out of its big downturn and has gained 4% in the day up to $ 202 billion. Trade volume rose to $ 14 billion, but there are still no significant indicators that a major bull run is imminent. The bitcoin domain has dropped by one percentage point to 56, while Ethereum makes a recovery.

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