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Update of the cryptocurrency market: BAT pumped by Coinbase Pro Listing

Markets are crawling as the weekend begins; BAT Flight, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar Increase.

As we enter the weekend, cryptography markets are slowly recovering. Trading in Asia has pushed the total market capitalization to over $ 205 billion and things in general are going upward today, albeit unhurriedly.

Bitcoin has not made any movements in the last 24 hours and still maintains the support level of $ 6,400. For a month and a half at $ 6,500, the BTC has dropped to $ 6,300 and has returned to its current levels, indicating that it is still consolidating at this price. Ethereum has returned to $ 200 in the last two days and this is where the moment is.

Altcoins are generally green right now with one or two good results. In the top ten, Bitcoin Cash made the biggest move with a gain of 8%, bringing it to $ 460. Stellar is also very active at the moment, adding almost 5% that brings XLM to $ 0.234. The rest made small gains of about one percent in addition to XRP which is static.

In the top 20 Nem has gained over 2%, but the rest is more or less 1% of the day. Tezos and VeChain are the only two to return, but only marginally.

Today's pump is the basic attention token that jumped almost 15% at the time of writing. BAT is up to $ 0.292 for the news that has entered into 0x on Coinbase Pro;

Just as before, observers have noted that the altcoin appears to have been pumped before the official announcement indicating any abuse of knowledge within the exchange. Trading volume rose from $ 10 to $ 50 million from the news. Today it is likely that BAT will operate higher, but could shrink again, as the market in general is still prey to bears.

The big landfill of the day comes from Digitex Futures which is losing over 18% at the moment. It is closely followed by Eternal Token which drops 16% on the day.

The total capitalization of the crypto-market grew slightly less than the percent of the day to $ 207 billion. There is no sign of interruption from the side channel that has remained intact for almost a month. The dominance of Bitcoin has fallen to 53.5% as some of the altcoins have gained consistently.

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