Unveiling on “The Masked Singer” – Mief condemned the party frog – TV


The can of sardines was the solution to the riddle …

After Sylvie Meis (42) had already revealed herself as an alpaca in “The Masked Singer” last week, the next mask was to be dropped on Tuesday night.

And although the audience and the jury had already picked the correct name multiple times, the frog performance was once again the highlight of the show.

Jurors Elton, Sonja Zietlow and Bülent Ceylan are happy with the charlatan

Jurors Elton, Sonja Zietlow and Bülent Ceylan are happy with the charlatanPhoto: Willi Weber / ProSieben

Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel (50) announced it as “Quak’s Golden Voice” – and the frog lived up to its name.

He performed a medley of Modern Talking’s biggest hits, including “Cheri, Cheri Lady”, “Brother Louie” and “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, and especially Bülent Ceylan (44) caused explosions of fun. He came out as a fan of frogs: “Frosch, you’re just the entertainer here! And I’ll take out a name: Wigald Boning. The frog said yes, it is at home in all waters. And Wigald actually swam across Lake Constance. You can only end up here like a frog! “

Sonja Zietlow (52) meanwhile had completely different ideas – recalled the DJ booth in the detailed film: “It could also be Pierre Litbarski. He was once a DJ at his World Cup celebration. ”

But even guest juror Elton (49) was adamant: “That’s Wigald Boning. He also took part in the 24 hour swim. “

For his second appearance, the frog not only croaked at “Kung Fu Fighting”, but also had some live rehearsal with him: a plastic palm and a green sardine can. Matthias Opdenhövel wrinkled his nose: “It stinks too, even if it’s stuffy!”

Comedian and singer Wigald Boning was under the frog mask

Comedian and singer Wigald Boning was under the frog maskPhoto: ProSieben / Willi Weber

For comedian Bülent, this is yet another proof of his suggestion: “I can only think of one thing: Mief!” – the name of a hit that Wigald Boning and Olli Dittrich (63) had as “Die Doofen”. Elton also had no new ideas: “I’m with Wigald too!”

There were no longer any doubts in the jury about the main exposure. Just before the frog lowered its frog’s head, Sonja Zietlow shouted, “I think it’s actually ‘good old Wigald Boning’. That would be sensational!”

Then he really appeared under the mask: in a good mood, but still exhausted – and with glasses. This was his biggest problem: “I had been experimenting with contact lenses for months already. What an adventure!” He also revealed that a member of the jury had even written to him in advance: “At one point I got a text message from Bülent who asked me if it was me. This is research work and should be recognized very well. But of course I behaved professionally! “

But Mr. Boning will not soon forget his experience: “I think the sound of the fans in this mask will be with me for a few more decades”.


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