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Unlikely in the next 30 years & # 39; – The Russian official dispels the rumors about the investments in Bitcoin

Elina Sidorenko, head of the Legislative Risk Assessment Group in Russia, says there is no merit that the rumors indicate that the country will invest up to $ 10 billion in bitcoins.

Russia: the Criptovaluta framework is not available yet

Talking about Forklog, Sidorenko He said the country does not yet have the regulatory framework to invest state funds in cryptocurrencies. According to Sidorenko:

Even if Russia wants to place its cryptocurrency assets now, it simply can not do it, because we have no mechanism that would allow us to introduce a system, in which such assets would be stored, which authorities would be responsible for it, which would be responsible for abuses and stuff.

Recently, Vladislav Ginko, a Russian economist with ties to the Kremlin declared that the government had planned to get rid of the US dollar for Bitcoin. According to Ginko, this move could also take place as early as February 2019.

Responding to Ginko's request, Sidorenko opined:

Under this statement, there is not a bit of common sense, fewer ideas that could be considered in government circles. The Russian Federation, like any other country in the world, simply is not ready today to combine in some way its traditional financial system with cryptocurrencies. And to say that in Russia this idea can be implemented in the next 30 years or so is unlikely to be possible.

Nonetheless, the State Duma announced that it would pay particular attention to issues related to the development of the digital economy of the country, placing the cryptocurrency rules at the top of the agenda for 2019.

& # 39; Cryptoruble & # 39; still years away

Because every Kremlin investment in Bitcoin is feasible, Russia would need an intermediate cryptocurrency, like the "cryptocurrency" proposal. Recently, Bitcoinist reported that an "encrypted" version of the ruble was still missing for two to three years.

Commenting on Cryptorubble's idea, the Chairman of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Cryptocurrency Risk in the State Duma said:

A similar idea has already been considered in the EAEU framework, but the BRICS countries have come closer to it. If a cryptocurrency unit was invented, which would allow payments to be made only for energy, the Russian Federation could have made long and long-term progress in the economy.

You think that Russia's relations that invest in Bitcoin are nothing but rumors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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