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University student "revolutionary" building New Crypto Business • Live Bitcoin News

A twenty year old student from the University of Hong Kong is trying to revolutionize cryptographic space.

Kenta Iwasaki says the cryptocurrency arena has been stagnant in recent months and is trying to do something about it. One of the projects he is currently conducting is a $ 50 million fundraising effort for a crypto-guided market known as Perlin, based on its unique blockchain design.

Cryptographic space must change


"You really need something new, a new taste of what you can do with cryptocurrency, otherwise technology will be wasted on the exchange of basic coins."

Iwasaki has been developing software since he was eight years old. He has already established himself as an entrepreneur by selling software that he designs for thousands of dollars online every month. His latest goal, Perlin, says it will provide a new way to evaluate cryptocurrencies and how companies deliver cloud computing power.

The company is also trying to make users a little bit of money in the process. Smartphone owners have the opportunity to lend their computing power to developers who start cryptographic activities. Users provide the power of their phones in exchange for the digital "Perl" company resource. Customers who lend their power can earn anywhere between $ 1 and $ 3 in encryption every six hours. Iwasaki is trying to have about 50,000 phones connected to the Perlin network by the end of 2019.

Iwasaki says that Perl's advantage is that it is linked to something that never loses its value. Like the stable currencies, which are linked to fiat currencies like the yen, the USD and the euro, Perl is hooked to the computing power, which people and businesses always need. This makes it less vulnerable to pump-and-dump schemes and volatility.

A study published by the University of Tel Aviv, the University of Tulsa and the University of New Mexico on December 18 suggests that between January and July of this year, almost 5,000 individual schemes were carried out. of pump-and-dump, although most of them were relatively dark or smaller altcoin.

But he believes that Perl has its benefits:

"Even if people suddenly stopped trading, they stopped using the exchange to buy and sell, they would still have a fixed value, it would not go off like a cryptocurrency."

Build the business even further

Iwasaki firmly believes that bad actors and volatility give cryptocurrencies a "bad name" and prevent people from showing confidence in blockchain technology as they should.

In the future, he says he would like to empower Perlin enough to be able to provide free internet services to residents of third world nations or developing countries.

Do you see Perlin as a revolutionary adventure in the encrypted market? Post your comments below.

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