Universities try to update Crypto Curriculum as a Blockchain in university courses


Universities try to update Crypto Curriculum

Curriculum of cryptocurrency It is becoming very popular in universities, especially in light of the growth of the cryptocurrency industry and the high salaries that derive from it. To enter the fintech space, many university students turn to take the growing number of courses that universities offer.

Several universities in Scotland, the United States and the Mediterranean now offer courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Some courses have become so popular that now there are also waiting lists.

David Yermacks, a professor at the School of Business at New York University, was one of the first to take advantage of the blockchain growth of schools by offering courses in blockchain and cryptocurrency. From the beginning of the courses, the dimensions of his lesson have more than doubled.

Second Coinbase, 42 percent of the first fifty university all over the world they offer at least one course of cryptocurrency and blockchain. And about 22 percent of the universities offer more than one blockchain course. Right now, Stanford has ten lessons and Cornell has nine. With more universities offering such courses, their students can have an easier time entering the fintech sector. In turn, technology could become a more important point in people's lives in the future.

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