United States elections: Donald Trump speaks for the first time about the triumph of Joe Biden – USA and Canada – International


Eight days after the announcement of the US presidential election results, Donald Trump via Twitter again evoked his hypothesis of massive fraud, which was not supported by any specific element.

“He won because the elections were rigged,” the president tweeted Sunday morning, referring to former Vice President Barack Obama. The first two words of his tweet: “He won” (“He won”) attracted public attention as it was the first time he had said them since the results were announced.

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Already last Friday Trump had referred – albeit halfway – to the victory of his Democratic opponent by making it clear, before retracting, that he would no longer be in charge of managing the coronavirus crisis after January 20, the day of the presidential inauguration.

The results of all states have already been announced by the country’s major television networks.

He won because the elections were rigged

Biden obtained 306 electoral votes, against 232 of the outgoing president: the same numbers, but in reverse, than in the victory of the republican tycoon – later described by him as a “tsunami” – against Hillary Clinton in 2016. And several local and national electoral authorities, including the Agency for Information Security and Infrastructure Security (CISA), which depends on the Ministry of Internal Security, have directly contested the allegations of irregularities made by the president.

“The November 3 elections were the safest in US history,” they said in a joint statement. “There is no evidence of a voting system that has been canceled, lost or changed, or has been breached in any way.”



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