Union of mining partnership between Bitmain and Elastos


Elastos (ELA) announced a mining partnership with Bitmain Technologies. The combined data mining partnership means that for miners and future users of the intelligent web platform, it guarantees the security of the Bitcoin network by sharing its hashpower. Combined extraction allows you to extract Bitcoin (BTC) and ELA money simultaneously and more efficiently and save energy through shared computing power.

Rong Chen, founder and president of Elastos, said: "ELA is one of the first coins to be merged together with Bitmain.This partnership serves as an affirmation of the strength of the community and Elastos technology.The achievements of our first year are indicative of the potential of Elastos to make waves that go well beyond the blockchain space: we are on track to change the entire Internet industry, its users, the digital ecosystem and create an industrial IOT network. the Internet of the future, where people will own their data and connect directly and securely. "

BTC will act as the main chain while ELA will function as an auxiliary chain. The partnership allows the miners of BTC.com and AntPool to bring together the BTC and ELA mines using the Auxpow consensus.

In addition to the start of combined extraction with Bitmain, Elastos has completed the two-day celebration in Thailand – the nation rapidly becoming recognized as a pioneer in the adoption of blockchain technology – with announcements related to the their incentive community portal, Cyber ​​Republic, and the launch of an end-to-end test environment complete with Elastos Smart Web Alpha, called Elastos Trinity. Trinity aims to implement a cross-platform application, compatible with Android, iOS, Window and Mac, and will act as an existing Internet gateway to the Elastos internet infrastructure.

Through Cyber ​​Republic, Elastos is launching two initiatives: Empower 35 and CR100. The Empower 35 initiative will take on this year 35 community administrators to lead their initiatives to recruit and develop talent pipelines within Cyber ​​Republic. CR100 was created to showcase Elastos' capabilities in 100 different decentralized application projects, all with different utilities, that can be built around the Elastos infrastructure. Compatible applications include, but are not limited to, financial technology, social services / service platforms, digital resources, e-commerce products, data and information security. Participants will be compensated in ELA for their contributions to the Elastos ecosystem. Through these complementary initiatives, the Elastos team will continue to promote a diverse and democratic community of entrepreneurs, leaders, developers, organizers and designers, working to build the Elastos structure and expand its reach.

Fay Li, Elastos Chief Marketing Officer, said of this: "We are starting an online country that will allow entrepreneurs and developers to build the new internet democratically, and we are giving almost half of our money to finance it. Our first initiative for Cyber ​​Republic is to fund the construction of 100 decentralized applications on Elastos We are the first blockchain project to do this. "

" Elastos is the first new internet infrastructure to be completed since the original launch of the World Wide Web thirty-five. We are very proud to provide a safer Internet landscape, allowing users to control peer-to-peer interactions without an intermediary, these initiatives commemorating our one year anniversary, but will project our project for many years to come, "concluded Li.

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