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UKIPO and creative industries join in the blockchain initiative

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) joined the audiovisual and image organizations and the Jaak blockchain rights corporation to investigate the potential use of blockchain technology.

Under the partnership, which was announced today, on 27 November, the working group will explore how blockchain can improve the availability of works in the public domain, such as protected works in which protection has expired or works offered to the public to be used for free.

With a focus on UK film and image industries, collaborators include the British Film Institute, the Design and Artists Copyright Society, the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies, and the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries.

"It can often be very difficult to find high quality sources of these materials, [so] offering simpler ways of searching for works will encourage their wider use in creative and artistic innovation, "the press release said.

The working group will explore solutions that overcome the obstacles to access and improve the availability of public domain works.

Initial discussions are likely to focus on the process underlying the classification and cataloging of works, particularly those where the copyright term has expired. This will include collaboration on a standard data set, stored on a public network using Kord's Jaord technology.

Jaak uses Kord, an open protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, to allow participants including libraries, creators, labels, publishers and organizations for execution rights to record and track IP data.

The group will also examine similar opportunities for film works and orphan images (in which the rights holder is unknown or not accessible).

In addition to classification and cataloging, the group will explore a verification system that could accelerate the search process for licensees. This supports the current orphan job licensing scheme managed by the IPO.

David Humphries, head of research at the IPO, said: "It is important for the UK government to better understand how new technology solutions, such as blockchain, affect the IP framework."

Dan Fowler, Jaak's strategy and research, added: "This project marks an important step as we try to take the technology we have built with the music industry and apply it to wider use cases."

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