Ubisoft apologizes for the language at AC Valhalla


Courtney Craven, the owner of a game site, said that an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla character used language that discriminated against the disabled. After Craven’s statement, an apology came from Ubisoft.

We see that the next generation consoles are starting to hit the markets. Xbox Series X / S; in our country and in the world, PS5 Although it is not in our country for now, it has made its debut in the United States and in some countries. With the release of the next generation consoles, we have seen that many games have been released. One of these games Ubisoft manufacture Assassin’s Creed ValhallaAlthough it has received generally positive criticism, a character’s description of the character has led to backlash.

Founder of Can I Play That? Courtney Cravenunveiled a statement about the game that could be concerning. In the game Eorforwine in an expression in the description of the named character of our fiery character fear of showing his damaged face and therefore his anger with outbursts of violence He takes his place.

The way the character is described is wrong

In a statement he made on his Twitter account, Craven discriminatory language towards the disabled He said he used it. “It is absolutely unacceptable to talk about facial differences in this way. Playwrights have to do better by handling the character differentlyCraven says with this statement Back from Ubisoft he took.

Ubisoft apologized and said the problem will be fixed

After this incident raised by Craven, a statement came from Ubsifot. Assassin’s Creed image Twitter returning to Craven from his account Ubisoft, “Thank you for drawing attention to this – We apologize for using this inadvertently discriminatory language against people with disabilities. We will remove this statement in the next update.” She said.


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generally based on history Ubisoft, which may have problems in dialog boxes because it is a game, has encountered similar problems in previous games and tried to fix them quickly.

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