"TWO" This is the case of the use of the real world IOTA (MIOTA) not celebrated


Not all self-proclaimed blockchain innovations have reliable use cases. Speaking of IOTA (MIOTA), the platform was invented to bring a revolution to the Internet of Things (IoT). However, IOTA has applications beyond the IoT because of its scalability, quick and free benefits.

When you look around, there is no doubt that many people talk about IOTA. The recognition will not be exceptional unless the DUE is mentioned.

TWO is an idea that uses the Tangle for their project to solve waste management problems. TWO – IoT Waste Management is focused on making waste management at an airport or a city more efficient.

TWO wants to "equip bins and waste containers with sensors that not only provide a real-time overview of the levels of waste inside, but also" orders "the truck fleet when they are full.

How It Works

According to Hello IOTA, TWO indicates that it aims to save many funds and provide the waste management service the way to provide a full ledger of their contract, from cleaning up the bin up to the drop-off in the landfill.

"Every waste bin will be equipped with a sensor that probably everyone knows: a vehicle reversal sensor (the thing that normally warns you before crashing into a wall with your car)"

The sensor, however, has a built-in WIFI transceiver and a lithium-ion battery that has 3 years of longevity.The DUE will have its first customer as an airport.For example, the airport has a smart contract with a company of ges waste management.

It is this contract that regulates payments for trucks that take the trash away. In this sense, the airport will have a "tangle-based monitoring and analysis platform" that acts when the garbage can is full.

What DUE does
it is possible that some waste managers collect empty containers and still require money for this service.

However, with TWO, due to the fact that the data stored on Tangle are tamper-proof, lawyers do not need to solve this problem.

The smart contract used will not approve the transaction because it will "see" that the bin was not empty. This guard against fraud and the result in economically convenient services.

The most interesting thing is that IOTA Tangle to be used offers transactions without data and value costs.

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