Two Boeing 737s: Leipzig is Amazon Air’s first European air transport center


The online retailer has opened its first air freight center in Europe. Amazon Air is stationing two Boeing 737s in Leipzig / Halle.

Within nine months, Amazon built an approximately 20,000-square-foot hall south of Leipzig / Halle airport. The building next to the existing World Cargo Center was inaugurated on Friday (November 6). In the future, the packages will be sorted and trucks and planes will be loaded and unloaded there. It is the “first regional air cargo center in Europe,” the online giant explains in a press release.

At the same time, Amazon announced that it would be stationing two Boeing 737-800s leased by Gecas at Leipzig / Halle airport. “They are operated by ASL Airlines in Europe and have the typical Amazon Air design and logo,” says the company. The blue and black planes will initially operate two flights per day.

Former Ryanair aircraft

Thanks to the new base in Leipzig / Halle, customers of the Prime subscription service, which includes faster deliveries, can be served even better, writes Amazon. In addition to the two planes in East Germany, Amazon is already using one from Cologne / Bonn. All three Boeing 737s are former Ryanair aircraft. The three aircraft are registered EI-DAC, EI-DAD and EI-DAF.

Amazon Air is currently flying around five Boeing 737-800 BCFs and 35 Boeing 767-300 ERFs in their colors. The fleet has expanded rapidly in recent years. So far, however, the airline has only used its aircraft for flights within North America.

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