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Two arrests after the car bomb stop – look

The car bomb attack in Derry, Northern Ireland, is considered by the police to be a group of bullies of the militant militant organization of the IRA. Two people were arrested.

The investigations were directed mainly against the New IRA, deputy police chief Mark Hamilton said Sunday. According to the authorities, no one was injured in Saturday's bombing in the city center.

Hamilton said he did not see any escalation in the attack. However, it is entering a phase that warns against a possible resurgence of the Northern Ireland conflict if Brexit re-establishes a strong border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The New IRA has made sporadic attacks in recent years. The nationalists reject the 1998 peace agreement, which largely traced the line in three violent decades.

Politicians take on terrorist attacks

The Northern Irish police have posted a photo in the Twitter short message service that shows the explosion in the city center of Derry (according to Blick). On Sunday, investigators in white protective suits examined the destroyed car.

Politicians from all sides have condemned the accident. The former prime minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, spoke of a "futile act of terrorism". This must be "condemned in the strongest terms", asked the president of the protestant ultra-conservative democratic party of the Union.

The victims are the inhabitants of the city. It was thanks to the rapid reaction of the forces that were not dead or injured.

Representative Elisha McCallion, who sits in the British Parliament for the Catholic-Republican Sinn Fein, also condemned the incident. This had "shocked" the city's population, the Derry politician said. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Derry is a city that is making progress and no one wants similar incidents ".

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has also taken on a terrorist attack with a car bomb. He condemned the incident "in the strongest terms," ​​said Coveney, who is also vice-prime minister. "There is no place or justification for acts of terrorism that would bring Northern Ireland back to violence and conflict".

During the decades of bloody conflict in Northern Ireland, car bombs have killed many people. Irish Catholic nationalists and loyalist Protestants have fought since the '60s. 3,500 people died In 1998, the conflict in Northern Ireland ended with the Good Friday agreement. Ensures, among other things, a sharing of power between Protestants and Catholics. (DPS)

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