Twitter will launch a messaging option that will fly in 24 hours


The new “fleets”, who love regular tweets can include images, videos and emojis, are “for sharing momentary thoughts,” Twitter reported on Tuesday.

The idea of ​​the social network is too attract users who don’t want to make permanent commentsadded a post on the Twitter blog.

“For those of you who don’t know Twitter, fleets are an easier way to share what you have in mindProduct Manager Sam Haveson and Design Director Joshua Harris said it from the same store.

This gives Twitter a new tool to compete with companies like Snapchat, which popularized disappearing messages, and Facebook, which also embraced the idea.

Twitter has become an important platform for politicians, celebrities and journalists, but it lagged behind other social networks in terms of users.

In the last quarter, registered 187 million “monetizable” daily active users, behind Snapchat and Facebook.

Twitter tested the new format in Brazil, Italy, India and South Koreaand noted that “people with ‘fleets’ talked more” on the platform.

“Starting a conversation can be incredibly scary … And we know this is true in real life and online,” said Nikkia Reveillac, director of research on Twitter, explaining that the “fleets” are meant to make people feel “at ease”.

Another novelty on Twitter will be the “voice tweet”, or audio recording, which replaces the text and has been tested in recent months.

Hear the empathy, emotion, and nuance in someone’s voice it could help people connect on a different level“That in a simple text tweet, said product designer, Maya Gold Patterson.

According to her, voice tweets could be used by brands and reporters could explain their stories through them.


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