TVI journalist convicted of assaulting ex-boyfriend – Boiling


The TVI reporter André Carvalho Ramos was sentenced to a 400-day fine (€ 2,800) for three crimes for simple physical integrity to the channel journalist Emanuel Monteiro. She will also have to pay 1500 euros in compensation to her ex-boyfriend (she asked for 6,000 euros), with whom she had a relationship between June 2015 and June 2017.

According to the ruling to which the CM had access, the Lisbon District Judicial Court found that it had proved that the “the couple had frequent discussions motivated by jealousy” and that this led André to physically attack Emanuel on several occasions: pushing and pinching. “The defendant acted with the accomplished purpose of causing injury to the victim, knowing that his conduct was likely to harass him in his health and physical integrity, doing while he was her boyfriend and even after the relationship ended.

However, the lawsuit was disqualified from domestic violence due to lack of evidence. The court found that various and unreasonable inconsistencies / inconsistencies were found in the “content” presented by the prosecution, which “irreversibly weaken his version of the facts”.

However, the messages and photographs that the defense of André Carvalho Ramos presented against Emanuel Monteiro remain to appreciate, considering that they constitute domestic violence.

“I have always tried to fight for the truth. Abusive behavior, in all circumstances, must have consequences. This sentence is, in some ways, a reflection of that. I am calm and this is a closed chapter of my life. .“says CM Emanuel Monteiro.

André Carvalho Ramos believes it “You can’t play with a serious crime like domestic violence.” “They wanted to denigrate me by accusing me of domestic violence. These facts have not been proven. Emanuel Monteiro lied and the same court pointed out inconsistencies that irreversibly weakened his version of events”.

According to the CM, the defense and prosecution lawyers are still considering whether to challenge the sentence or not.


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