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TV Address: Trump's offer "based on common sense"

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Trump's offer "based on common sense"

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Donald Trump at his White House speech Donald Trump at his White House speech

Donald Trump at his White House speech

Source: AP / Alex Brandon

In the dispute over his wall plans, the president of the United States has promised concessions on deportations. The leaders of the Democratic Party at the US Congress nodded before the speech and called Donald Trump a "host".

MMore than four weeks after the closure in the United States, President Donald Trump presented a new offer to the democratic opposition for the end of the budget dispute. In a White House speech on Saturday afternoon (local time), Trump offered Democrats protection for certain groups of migrants in the United States for three years from deportation.

The offer would concern about one million immigrants threatened with expulsion, including about 700,000 so-called Dreamer (Dreamer) who, as minors, arrived illegally with their parents.

They were protected from deportation by the so-called Daca decree of Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump, who denounced Daca, offered an extension of his three-year residence status. At the same time, he proposed extending the temporary protection status to about 300,000 three-year-old migrants, allowing him to work in the United States without the right to stay.

Trump's offer is "based on common sense"

But the offer, according to Trump, is only valid if the financing of the border wall in Mexico is guaranteed. His request amounts to $ 5.7 billion. In his speech, Trump defined the offer as a step out of the "dead end" of the so-called shutdowns, which has been underway for 29 days.

His concessions were based on "common sense" and they had to "create trust and the necessary benevolence to start a real reform of immigration".

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At the same time, the president of the United States once again described the situation on the Mexican border as a threat to national security. The Democrats should then approve the $ 5.7 billion (five billion euros) requested by him for the construction of the wall.

Hairy: "You're a pipecracker"

However, the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, rejected Trump's offer even before his speech. "His proposal is a collection of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable," said the opposition leader. "You are a pipecracker". The thrust of Trump's speech had previously been known by the US media.

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Charles Schumer said the proposal was "another take of hostages". It is Trump who endangered the future of immigrants alone, whose support he proposed. Schumer said that there was only one way out. He called on Trump to end the restriction of government operations.

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The New York Times newspaper reported Saturday that Democrats raised the $ 1.3 billion US $ 1 billion budget threshold. Of this, about half should go to improve the infrastructure, for example, at border crossings, the other half, 75 more immigration judges should be recruited. The money for the construction of the wall was not offered by the Democrats.

The current budget lock has lasted for more than four weeks, making it the longest in US history. And it was caused by the dispute between Trump and Democrats for the president asked $ 5.7 billion (five billion euros) for his wall on the Mexican border. The controversy prevents the adoption of a new budget law.

"It is controlled by the radical left"

From the beginning of the year, the Democrats had a majority in the House of Representatives and therefore a considerable amount of power. Of the budget block known as "arrest", about 25% of federal authorities and about 800,000 federal employees are interested.

It is unlikely that Trump would have expected the Democrats to accept his team's proposals without their cooperation. Rather, it may have been his concern, after days of stasis in the conflict, to portray the other as a blocker – and as the one looking for a solution.

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Immediately before the speech, Trump took part in a further ceremony at the White House, where five immigrants obtained US citizenship. The message was that although I want a wall on the Mexican border, I welcome legal immigrants.

So it remains initially in the standoff situation. On Saturday morning, Trump said he did not take all of this personally – and then distributed it to Pelosi. "It is controlled by the radical left, which is a problem," said the president. Even before, the dispute already had rather personal characteristics – on both sides.

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