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`Turkey, a wet and international actress

World Economic Forum (WEF) Member of the Executive Committee and the European and Eurasian Regional Strategies Martina Larkin, the first WEF meeting in the city of Davos in Switzerland before the meeting with the AA correspondent, the WEF meetings in Davos, the world of all areas of life He said that it was a unique platform that brought together its leaders, people of the meeting, people and political leaders, as well as the leaders of the media, the arts, the academic world and of social entrepreneurs.

Larkin, who will host over 3,000 leaders this year and is very optimistic about the results of the meetings, said: "This platform is a unique platform that attracts many leaders, the most urgent problems in the world and has tried to find ways to find a solution.There is no other platform. "She dwells.


Martina Larkin noted that the multilateral system established after the Second World Sava, was left to do so with enormous challenges that affect everyone, said the flours:

"The inability to solve the most pressing global problems such as climate change, income disparities or humanitarian crises makes it impossible to find a new framework for global cooperation. 4. It is important to note that the Industrial Revolution is substantially changing around to us, due to rapid and big changes In this context, there is a great need to redesign the global structure to ensure a global bar and growth for all.

Turkey, which plays a very important role in the new era. Firstly, Turkey has a strong influence on important international and regional actors. This is not only a fast-growing economy of the G-20, but also its strong cultural, historical and political roots, as well as the Bat & # 39; y Dou, like the Boaziçi Bridge, or its unique position that colleague Dou to the Bat. Secondly, Turkey, many global issues, including humanitarian issues can play an important role in directing diplomatic struggles to tackle and prevent humanitarian crises in this new era could be an important denominator to find a HZL and proactive solutions. Thirdly, Turkey is a young and dynamic population, the tradition of entrepreneurial and technological progress with the potential for great interest. In this context, the World Economic Forum, the world's public interest in science and more rapidly accelerate the implementation of technology with Turkey is proposed to reproduce. "


WEF Europe and Eurasia Regional Strategy Minister and Member of the Executive Committee of Larkin, many developing countries, including multilateral rules Turkey expressed benefited from the advantages of the system based, "Indeed, commercial goods and services, those developed, an important role plays for the economic development of their countries.Much tarafllkl on The recent challenges posed a threat to global economic growth: entering into uncertainty can be a challenge for the countries you dwell.

Larkin stressed that another important development is the rapid transformation of Rekabet production Artificial intelligence, the block chain, the Internet of Things, biotechnology and similar new technologies are changing the way we produce and we consume these technologies. "There are moments on the front line". he said.


Martina Larkin, recalling that the meeting of this year was the ümle Globalization 4: Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Construction Formation ecek, which were in the launch of the 4th industrial revolution, which would have changed the life human in a dramatic way. He also stressed that the summit was a forerunner of this new era and that all leaders should play together for a better future.

Larkin noted that Europe experienced severe difficulties and difficulties in Europe and beyond.

"The current generation of younger generations in Europe has a very different view of what they expect from Europe. The EU has been the driving force behind stability and stability for years. Europe has a confidence and crisis crisis that can bring together.This is due to the increase in inequalities in society: populist voices benefit from this increase in some EU countries, another point that we should all face .


Larkin, a member of the Ministry of Regional Strategies and European Regional and Eurasian Strategies of the WEF, stressed that increasing protection in the form of trade wars has great difficulty in threatening the future of the global system of rules.

Larkin, considering the tremendous changes in the form of digitization in addition to these difficulties, the 4th industrial revolution in the way trade would present itself and the rest of globalization on how to benefit from a new global structure should be weighed, he said.

Diplomacy at the WEF "reliable" and "impartial" a platform, however, not without pride duyduklarn express Larkin, "active role of the forum played initiative there saysz and bam. For example, in 1988, at the summit of Davos in Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Ozal and Greece n Babakan George Papandreou had seen Davos' statement when he saw her.

Larkin, while advising the young, "We must equip ourselves well for future transformations." used by the declaration.

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