TRX / USDT pair now negotiable on KuCoin


Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, recently tweeted that the TRX / USDT pair is now available for trading on the KuCoin cryptographic exchange.

Judging by the feeling of the people commenting on the tweet, we can say that there is a mix of emotions and a certain amount of spam out there.

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Recently Sesameseed, a Super Representative TRON, has launched a new project to finance new projects on the network. The project, called SEEDGerminator, is now gathering popularity and the first project to be listed on the platform, Poppy, has ended up raising 6 times the soft cap required to be an official project on the platform. According to the Medium blog, SEEDGerminator would provide the project with 200,000 SEEDs once approved.

Explaining the project, the Media blog says:

"Poppy will provide its customers with a Tron payment integration that is easy to implement on the POS Clover platform, allowing customers to purchase TRX or basic Tron token products. retail will provide the customer with a more robust experience, significantly reducing transaction fees for traditional credit-based payment methods, seamless in-store and in-store ordering for customers and a minimum entry barrier for sellers will immediately open up to hundreds of thousands of dealers. "

Explaining further, the blog says:

" By taking advantage of the Tron blockchain, customers will enjoy the same sales experience to which they are accustomed, with the added benefit of accepting the TRX and Tron tokens.The store will allow retail purchases using Tron through a variety of methods including a portfolio Tron, the Tron style "TronCard" card or the platform and the Seedit application. Seedit opens Poppy to social media by allowing twitter, telegram, Reddit and other platforms to act as viable payment methods. "

When talking about the community and the impact on the project market, this is what the blog has to say: [19659010]" By allowing a perfect integration with the Tron blockchain, Poppy will allow customers to interact with retail in ways that do not currently exist on POS platforms.
In addition to traditional payment methods (Visa / MasterCard / Cash), retail customers will be able to purchase goods and services using the blockchain in various ways, including social media and the Seedit platform, portfolio transfers Tron and the "TronCard" Poppy. "

Further explaining the system, the blog says:

" By using Poppy, a customer relationship can overcome the point of sale and the division of social media. Sellers can interface with their community using Seedit to provide discounts; free items, "gift cards" and prizes on the blockchain, always visible at the POS.
The open nature of the distributed ledger facilitates an environment in which the anonymity of the seller and the customer is possible, while still allowing sellers to reward loyal customers. "

Explaining the effect that the project would have on the community as a" true interactive ecosystem ", the blog says:

" The Tron community will have a true interactive ecosystem in which to use TRX-based tokens and Tron in ways that no other cryptocurrency can offer today. The utility of Tron Network can potentially offer a more robust use case in retail than other blockchains by leveraging social media channels and anonymous customer data extraction on a fast and cost-effective network. "

The project has, in itself, the potential to fill all existing gaps between suppliers, customer service and social media, in addition to that, it also has the potential to create a retail experience connected to users of the platform that would be developed after the project.This would be an important result for the team once done correctly.

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