TRX on 18.5%, probable Breakout

  • Tron Price rose 18.5% in the last week.
  • EtherGoo migrates to Tron weeks after the launch of Tron Arcade
  • The main resistance level and the purchase trigger are 2.5 cents

At spot prices, Tron (TRX) has grown by 18.5 percent in the last week and ready for further gains thanks to favorable fundamentals and candlestick technological formations. Any increase above 2.5 cents would trigger bulls aiming for 4 cents or higher.

Price analysis of Tron

It might seem so close, but technically it's too far. TRX prices, despite the partnership with Tron Foundation and the acceptance of the Ethereum dApp, are struggling to exceed 2.5 cents. From the previous TRX / USD exchange plan, this is the main resistance level and the number of rounds should mean that operators need to gather enough impulses, stimulated by technical or fundamental factors, so the resulting higher wave could push TRX prices towards 4 cents. losses. Meanwhile, TRX rose 3.1 percent in the last day and a massive 18.5 percent in the week before at the time of the press.

Basic factors

Days after BitGuild dropped out of the Tron platform, EtherGoo followed its path to becoming the umpteenth Ethereum game app to change camp in less than two months.

EtherGoo will now change the names in TronGoo and will consider its meaning in the Ethereum network; we could see the peak of transactions on the Tron platform since the game was popular in the Ethereum ecosystem. Moving from one side to the other, TronGoo will undergo a facelift and, apart from improving the balance and the game interface, it will be compatible with the mobile phone.

However, these developments did not surprise. The overall goal of Justin Sun is to see Tron evolve into this excellent platform that attracts players from all over the world. As a multi-billion dollar sector, dominance will mean value and as a result the TRX will be unavoidable, even at 10 cents.

Technical factors


So far, TRX has risen by one point to the 10th overthrow of Cardano (ADA). With a market capitalization of $ 1.52 billion, we expect a new encryption market to raise TRX prices above 2.5 cents. Starting with a candlestick agreement, it is likely that this will be printed in the coming days because not only the volumes of transactions increase and prices are higher confirming the reversal model of the double bar bull of December 2018.

Furthermore, after a brief correction at the beginning of this month, prices reversed printing at a higher level of the Fibonacci retracement level of 38.2 percent. As such, we expect the TRX bulls to reach 2.5 cents and we therefore recommend that operators buy at spot prices with stops at 2 cents.

Technical indicators

After reaching its peak on December 21st, TRX volumes are rising, and 4 to 5 higher highs behind above-average volumes is a sign of approval indicating the underlying bull momentum. The upward pushes above 2.5 cents will signal the continuation of the trend and a break of more than 2.5 cents, a lower level of resistance.

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