TRX Fights of coin prices, but Tron focuses on the game dApps Dominate the future


Race For The Top Heats Up: Tron (TRX) focuses on the game

The business world is one of uncertainty, the peaks and valleys of the stock market are both exhilarating and heartbreaking. This week the young crypt had gained ground to reach and surpass even the older kids, like Cardano. However, the market push has pushed Tron back out of that position.

Since the beginning of last month, Tron has focused its attention on distributed applications [DApps]. This is undoubtedly their main weapon to gain on the biggest players on the market. In fact, last week they climbed to point 10 before retiring to 12th place, including cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization.

Amid the broader trend of November's crypto-bear, TRX it was not surprising for double digits, but the larger canvas paints a brighter picture. This week, despite the recent collapse, the currency is still in the green, with an overall increase of 27%. His courageous performances have meant that Weiss Ratings, an encryption agency, sat down and took note. They recently commented:

"#Tron (#TRX) rose 53%, outperforming competitors and recovering more than twice the value of #Ethereum, #Bitcoin Cash and #EOS, Tron became one of the most used block books in the world, so got a boost in its degree of adoption ".

What is the TRX doing?

This recovery is not just luck, Tron, whose market capitalization is just under the $ 1 billion cap, has made a concerted effort to focus on DApp and games to make progress in this difficult market. To break in the first 10 ranks TRX has a strong competition from other well-known names like Cardano and Monero. And yet, a typical Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron Foundation, has put his finger on the big prize. He says that the goal is to overcome Ethereum as "the largest decentralized protocol in the world", something to which the currency is heading despite the feelings of the bear.

Justin made bold statements, not for a false bravado, but on the basis of their concentrated efforts and consequent results. The catalyst of TRX's ascent is its attachment to DApps. More specifically, the currency has been traded well thanks to their recently unveiled offer, TRON Arcade. They created a $ 100 million fund to encourage developers to build on their network. While Ethereum is the largest shareholder and market leader, TRON he's doing an excellent case for the switch.

Where others have to deal with a low level of scalability and a weakened price, the Tron network, with almost 2,000 transactions per second, allows Justin to say,

"TRON Arcade will play a crucial role in encouraging developers to join our mission and deliver the best blockchain gaming experience to users all over the world."

There are certainly numbers to support all this. With around 6 new DApps added to Tron, just this week, the number of accounts increased by 6% and there was a jump of more than 10% in terms of the number of transactions. As one of the commentators mentioned online "human vices lead". The main apps that use money are games and games.

That's not all, in one post the Tron Foundation said it had grounds to believe that the developers of Ethereum (ETH) and EOS are now actively trying to move to TRON. They put this to three main reasons: "Low development, fast transaction speed and lower user thresholds".

The next jump for TRX

While conversing with The Bad Crypto, Justin was looking towards his company's future prospects. He claimed to have explored various options to ensure stability for the blockchain while trying to enter mainstream consciousness. At the moment the protocol plans to integrate with Atlas Project and BitTorrent.

Speaking of this, he sees a clear potential in the project and believes he will get another hit "by adding an incentive plan to the BitTorrent system". This will mainly favor the entertainment industry.

The new token, BitTorrent (BT), should be ready by mid-2019. Meanwhile, Tron continues to expand recently, another stock exchange, Coinsuper added Tron with a TRX / USD pair.

With its innovative design and its market strategy, TRX it is certainly gaining traction and this manifests itself in their market performance. The big question is that it's just a random "surge" or the company plans to intrigue investors enough to give the currency a chance to see their efforts for fruition. It will be interesting to see how Tron behaves.

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