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TRX Essentials: Tron energy and bandwidth, what is it?


Things are developing fast in Tron (TRX), as usually happens. In recent weeks, three of Tron's new features have created many expectations but also doubts in this article that we will explain the power of Tron, its energy and the voting function of Tron SR.

What is bandwidth and energy?

Each blockchain project is based on the same principles, as established by Satoshi when he launched Bitcoin, so they are all similar in some way. But some projects (especially the most recent ones) are innovative and offer their users new features that offer them some kind of advantage. Tron was very emphatic about this.

Accept the "Freeze" function. If you have a TRX wallet (Tron coin), you can freeze your wallet if you wish. This means that your TRX coins will be blocked for a few days so you will not be able to trade or sell them until freezing ends. But freezing will allow you to access some network resources that will allow you to do more things. That is, bandwidth and energy. So the bandwidth will allow you to vote.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is not free in most blockchain you need to pay using the network token. This is known as the "price of gas". If you have Tron's bandwidth, you do not need to pay gas to perform transactions within Tron's main network.

This is a key resource when you need to use decentralized Tron apps where you may need to perform several transactions while using the app without worrying about running out of tokens. It also gives you prestige as an active member of the Tron community. This gives you the right to vote for the super representatives of the project.

Power: This is the resource that allows you to process smart contracts on the Tron network. Smart contracts need energy in addition to bandwidth, so that to make it work you need to own enough or both (or pay the price of gas).

Vote for Tron Super Representatives using GuildChat

It was not easy to rate the super representatives of Tron. It was quite long and complicated because you had to go to a specific website using some specific browsers that also needed special browser extensions. Now you can do it using GuildChat by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to Me, then to Wallet and touch your chosen TRX wallet.
  2. Tap on Lock. Then choose the number of tokens you want to block.
  3. Select whether the block will be for energy or bandwidth. Keep in mind that only bandwidth blocks allow you to vote for super representatives.
  4. Find the gear icon (top right) and choose the voting option.
  5. Find the candidate for whom you want to vote and vote.

It's really easy to follow even without photos.

Tron continues to be innovative and offers choices and new features that you can not find in any other blockchain project. The community and the leadership always keep the promises and the performances of the network have exceeded all expectations, despite all the skepticism faced in the beginning. Keep an eye on Tron and Justin Sun; you probably will not be disappointed.

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