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Trump's ax hit the rock … It's forbidden to everyone, but it's free for Melania!

US President Donald Trump has added a new one to controversial decisions. Due to the fact that the president of the House of Representatives of the House of Fearing in Afghanistan, behind closed doors of the government, has prevented Trump, the weekend of his wife Melania for the weekend of a military plane trip did not play.

The military flight of the First Lady of the United States to Mar-a-Lago appeared several hours after a delegation from Congress had accompanied the delegate president Nancy Pelosi, who had planned to visit the American troops in Afghanistan, to cancel her plane from Trump.

According to the American press, the flight of Melania Trump, who was on vacation at the Andrews air base, cost $ 35,000. I am confident that you will agree that it is quite appropriate to postpone this public relations deal, Donald Trump told Pelosi, who canceled his escape on the basis of the closure of the Don government.

Melania Trump, who was seen flying with the code "EXEC1F" for family members using military aircraft, was found traveling with a Boeing C32-A model. Asserting that his son is also Barron's First Lady, who achieved Thursday night, West Palm Beach, and was spent at the weekend home.


In other news, the government has been closed since December 22 due to disagreements in the budget talks. For the first time in the history of the United States, the government has been closed for so long.

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