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Trump without strategy to involve the Arab region

Tramb without strategy to involve the Arab region –

The United States is now working to involve Arab countries that have survived American manipulation.

US President Donald H. Trump did not rule out Barack Obama's progress policy. From his famous speech at the University of Cairo at the start of his tenure at the White House, the situation in the Middle East has remained constant.

Trump seeks to impose peace by force in the hope of developing and strengthening the special economic influence of America at the expense of the countries of the Middle East and at the expense of the fate of peoples and international resolutions and laws and regulations historically agreed.

On his latest tour in the Middle East, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not appear in a balanced position and has no clear opinion on the resolution of the dilemmas in the Middle East, the US presence in Syria and the war he is leading in Iraq and openly intervening in the Palestinian cause, "Iran will never have the power to control the Middle East," he said.

The American minister said that there were two dangers in the world: terrorist organizations and Iran, and forgetting his country's attempts to plan the attack by taking provocative measures such as moving the embassy American in Jerusalem and ignore terrorism and Israeli escalation against the Palestinians and Syria. "Veto" in the United Nations.

It is appalling that the United States is now working to involve the Arab countries that have survived the American manipulation in the Arab spring and are still considered a strong pillar in the eternal conflict with Israel: these American attempts are pushing Egypt and others at the forefront of the conflict,

The conflict will drain the resources of the Arab countries and push them to resort to US debt, which will open the arms stores for sale, and lead to internal tensions and demonstrations and protests will not praise the punishment.

In short, the Bush administration sought to pursue a strategy of "democratization" of the dominant regimes of the region, followed by the Obama administration, which adopted the disengagement strategy in the region and renounced "democratization". Today the Trump administration declares the first American strategy, to the crises in the region, but the two previous administrations have been responsible for the decline of American influence in favor of Iran and the spread of jihadist thought.

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