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Trump tried to make a compromise offer to the Democrats, but he was denied

US President Donald Trump has given the Democrats an understanding of immigration in an attempt to end the closure and resume government activities, but Democrats have also denied it.

The President spoke in a statement on Saturday 29 after the closure of the government, on his plan to build the wall on the Mexican border and on the desire to end the government crisis that paralyzed the United States for the best four weeks.

So, the "compromise" that everyone expects is about the status of the so-called "dreamers", about 700,000 immigrants who arrived illegally in the United States at an early age.

Currently they are protected from deportation by a program that allows them to work but not to obtain citizenship. Donald Trump has threatened to cancel the program in the past, writes the BBC, and on Saturday offered to extend the program for another three years until the Congress regulates its legal status.

Trump also offered a three-year visa extension for those with temporary protection status (TPS) as part of the agreement. More than 300,000 people are in this situation from countries devastated by war.

Instead, Donald Trump does not want to leave the $ 5.7 billion wanting to build the wall.

The Democrats do not want to provide these funds, and even before Trump delivers his speech, they have rejected the compromise proposals.

On Friday, Donald Trump announced that he will "make an important announcement about the humanitarian crisis on the southern border and the partial closure of the government tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm in the White House".

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