Trump on US relations: "strategically interesting" Greenland


Does the United States really want to buy Greenland? The president of the United States confirmed that at least "it was spoken". However, Greenland is not currently a priority. The head of the Danish government reacted clearly to the news.

After US media reported on Trump's interest in buying Greenland, the president of the United States made his statement for the first time. In a statement to the press, he said: "This is something we talked about." The concept had emerged and said that it is certainly strategically interesting and that the United States would be interested.

First, however, "a little" with Denmark on the subject must be spoken, added Trump. Even the problem is not a priority for his government. When asked if he could trade US territory for Greenland, the president said that much was possible. "Basically, it is a large real estate company", explained the former real estate entrepreneur.

Greenland costs Denmark a lot of money, according to Trump $ 700 million a year. "And strategically, it would be nice for the United States."

Previously, the interest of its economic advisor Trump for a possible purchase of Greenland had confirmed in the US station "Fox News". The president is familiar with real estate purchases and "wants to see it," said Larry Kudlow. "They have many precious resources". He added that US President Harry Truman also wanted to buy Greenland.

"We hope not serious"

Greenland is autonomous with its 56,000 inhabitants, but belongs to the Danish kingdom. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen visited the island on Sunday, pointing out that Greenland is not for sale. "I sincerely hope this is not serious," he told the newspaper "Sermitsiaq" in the reports. Previously, former Danish Prime Minister Løkke Rasmussen had commented. He called Trump's request a fishbeat of April, but "at the wrong time of the year".

Greenland is about six times larger than Germany. Much of the area is constantly covered in ice. For Washington, the world's largest island could be strategically important due to its location in the Arctic, its proximity to Russia and the mineral wealth it suspects. Furthermore, the United States operates an air base there.

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