Trump on Biden: “He only won in the eyes of the fake news media”


Trump on Biden’s election victory: “He only won in the eyes of fake news”

US President Donald Trump on Sunday quickly dismissed the impression that he reluctantly admitted his electoral defeat to Joe Biden. “It only won in the eyes of the fake news media. I’m not admitting anything! ”Wrote Trump on Twitter.

He had previously used the words “won” for the first time in a tweet referring to Biden, but alongside his usual allegation of election fraud. He commented on the tweet of a TV presenter doubtful of Biden’s success with the words: “He won because the election was rigged.”

Donald Trump hasn’t accepted his defeat in a long time. Image: keystone

A spokesperson for Trump Republicans in Germany, Jeffrey Jowett, told Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (Monday) that there had been “obvious election fraud” in at least five US states. “We never claimed that the entire election was faked, but small changes in some districts could have a significant effect on the election result,” he said. It is open to the modernization of the right to vote. Democracy in the United States will not be harmed by the current tensions.

As a massive crown wave was building up in the United States, the president, in office until January 20, immersed himself deeper and deeper in conspiracy theories about his electoral defeat. For example, Trump tweeted rumors that the software used to count votes was vulnerable to hacker attacks and that the votes cast for him had been awarded to his challenger Biden. The authorities refused this. Election winner Biden continues to prepare for office. This includes, in particular, the fight against the pandemic.

What obstacles does Joe Biden face in the fight for the White House? Image: keystone

Trump denies Biden camp access to government infrastructure. His lawyers have filed lawsuits in several states, but have so far failed to provide convincing evidence of election fraud. Various lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona failed just Friday.

During the election campaign, the president of the Republicans repeatedly stated that the United States would soon be overtaken by the crisis of the Crown. Indeed, the situation is getting worse. There was a peak of 177,224 new infections within 24 hours on Friday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). 166 555 new infections were recorded on Saturday, a decrease for the first time in several days. Meanwhile, Republican governors are adopting increasingly stringent measures like mask regulations, most recently in North Dakota and West Virginia.

Trump played golf at his club near Washington on Saturday. On the way, he briefly waved from the car to supporters who had gathered in the center of the capital for a demonstration in support of him. Trump spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany spoke of one million attendees on Twitter. On the other hand, observers and media assessments have only done well
10,000. Trump himself announced there were hundreds of thousands. His government had already started its term by exaggerating the number of attendees at the inauguration in 2017.

Trump supporters in the Supreme Court, the highest court in the United States. Image: keystone

A week ago, when Biden’s victory was announced, many more people celebrated on the streets of Washington. Unlike back then, many Trump supporters wore no masks. There were later isolated brawls between supporters and opponents of the president. One person was injured by knife wounds, as reported by the Fox television station. Two police officers were also injured. There were 20 arrests.

According to its boss Enrique Tarrio, the far-right US organization Proud Boys does not want to resort to violence in its engagement with Trump as US president. “We will remain calm, for sure,” Tarrio told Tagesspiegel (Monday) on the sidelines of the event. If Biden’s success were confirmed, the Proud Boys would “have a beer and come out to protest”, and definitely “peacefully but forcefully”. During the election campaign, Trump asked the Proud Boys to “be ready”. This had been interpreted by some as an endorsement of violence.

According to US media calculations, Democrat Biden clearly won the presidential election. We therefore arrive at at least 306 votes of the electorate, 270 are necessary for the victory. In his 2016 victory, Trump managed to get exactly 306 voters on his side and then spoke of a “landslide” victory. In the United States, the president is not elected directly, but by the electorate that follows the election results in their states. (sda / dpa)

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