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Trump offers the Democrats an offer to end the arrest. Pelosi's answer: «Pipe switch»

Trump takes a fresh start to end the arrest. Image: EPO / EPA

Trump offers the Democrats an offer to end the arrest. Pelosi's answer: «Pipe switch»

More than four weeks after the closure of the US, there is a movement in the budget-stalled dispute between Trump and the Democrats. However, they do not want to meet him about the border wall.

Trump has made a new offer to the Democrats in a Saturday speech. The President is making concessions to the Democrats on immigration, so they should in return grant money for the construction of the Wall in Mexico. So Trump offers an agreement: in particular, the "dreamers", children of illegally immigrant immigrants, should be protected from deportation for three years.

In return, he insisted on his $ 5.7 billion request for a wall bordering Mexico, whose funding the Democrats refuse. The Democrats have made clear that even Trumps' new push will not bring any breakthrough in the stalemate dispute.

Nancy Pelosi calls the "Rohrkrepierer" proposal

Democratic Nancy Pelosi, president of the House of Representatives, rejected Trump's proposals, previously announced by the US media, even before her televised speech – she spoke of a "pipe-breaker". The arrest has now turned off parts of the US government for more than four weeks. Trump refuses to sign a budget law that does not include funds for his wall. The Democrats ask Trump to reopen the government first and then to discuss border security.

Pelosi announced that with the majority in the House of Representatives, the Democrats would approve several bills next week to reopen the government. The New York Times reported that the Democrats have added more than $ 1 billion to this – for infrastructure at border crossings and for new judges deciding on asylum cases. The money for the Trump wall is therefore not included. The drawings have no chance of success, especially because the Trump Republicans in the Senate – the second chamber of Congress – have a majority.

Trump did not want to protect "Dreamers".

Trump announced in September 2017 that it would put an end to the so-called Daca program for the protection of immigrant immigrant children (Dreamers) within six months. Several federal courts, however, have instructed the government to continue the program. The case is currently pending before the Supreme Court. It is not clear, however, when the highest court in the United States deals with it.

Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, launched the Daca program in 2012 through a presidential decree following the failure of the legislative proposals at the congress. Daca gives hundreds of thousands of young immigrants temporary protection against deportation and the possibility of a work permit.

President Trump refuses to sign a budget law that does not include funds for a wall. Parts of the government are therefore silent just before Christmas. 800,000 federal employees are on forced leave or must work without a salary, for example at airport checkpoints. Saturday was the 29th day of the longest "catch" in US history.

Trump against Pelosi

More recently, the dispute over the personal dispute between Trump and the Speaker of the House, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has degenerated.

Pelosi urged Trump to postpone, or just to make a written statement, his January 29 speech on the state of the Union to Congress on the partial closure of the government. As a result, Trump has canceled a trip abroad Pelosi and other Democrats, disapproving of the use of a military machine in Afghanistan.

Trump freed Pelosi and his colleagues to switch to scheduled flights during the trip that would bring politicians to Brussels and Egypt. For his behavior, the president has received criticism from his own ranks. The influential Senator Lindsey Graham called "inappropriate" rejection.

"If we had a wall, we would not have a problem."

A boundary wall is one of Trump's most important electoral promises. Democrats, however, consider an immoral and ineffective solution to the dispute over illegal immigration in the United States.

Problems with the Trump wall

Video: watson

Trump again emphasized the need for a wall on Saturday and warned against the new "caravans" of migrants from Central America. He criticized Mexico for not stopping migrants marching to the United States. "I am disappointed that Mexico will not stop it," he said. "If we had a wall, we would have no problem." (Sda / dpa)

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