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Trump makes a democratic offer

MMore than four weeks after the closure in the United States, President Donald Trump presented a new offer to the democratic opposition for the end of the budget dispute. In a White House speech on Saturday afternoon (local time) Trump offered the Democrats protection for certain groups of migrants, the so-called "dreamers" (German: dreamer), in the United States for three years from deportation. There are about a million immigrants, including those who have been illegally brought to the United States as children. Furthermore, migrants who have been granted temporary protection status at home due to conflicts or natural disasters should not be expelled.

In return, Trump insisted on his $ 5.7 billion request for a wall bordering Mexico, whose funding the Democrats refuse. The Democrats have made clear that even Trump's new push will not bring any breakthrough in the stalemate dispute.

Pelosi refuses

The Speaker of the House, the Democratic Nancy Pelosi, rejected the proposals of Trump, previously announced by the US media, even before his televised speech – he spoke of a "pipe-breaker". The arrest has now turned off parts of the US government for more than four weeks. Trump refuses to sign a budget law that does not include funds for his wall. The Democrats ask Trump to reopen the government first and then to discuss border security.

Pelosi announced that with their majority in the House of Representatives, the Democrats would have approved the bills in the next week that they would close the closure. The New York Times reported that the Democrats have anchored over $ 1 billion in additional funding for border crossing infrastructures and 75 new judges deciding on asylum cases. The money for the Trump wall is therefore not included.

The drawings have little chance of success, especially since the Republicans of Trump in the Senate, the second chamber of Congress, have a majority. For his part, Trump announced that the Republicans will bring his proposals, which were presented Saturday, to the Senate – which in turn will block the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Both chambers must accept a budget law, which Trump must then sign.

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