Trump insists he will win unless elections are “stolen”


“Our goal is to defend the integrity of the election, so we will not allow the corrupt to rob us,” he said.


President Donald Trump reiterated this Thursday, Nov. 5, without any concrete evidence, that he will win an election in the United States, which he said Democrats supporting Joe Biden are trying to “rob” him.

“If legal votes count, I win easily. If illegal votes count, they can try to steal our elections,” the Republican president said at a White House press conference, after declaring himself the winner of the election Wednesday hours after the close of the year. surveys.

“Our goal is to defend the integrity of the election, so we won’t allow the corrupt to rob us,” Trump said.

“Democratic officials never believed they could win this election, honestly, that’s really why they voted in the mail with this tremendous corruption,” Trump said during a White House appearance.

“We can’t allow anyone to gag our constituents and make up the results,” he said. “I have a feeling that ultimately the judges will have to decide.”

The president reiterated his baseless allegations of electoral fraud, as he did Wednesday morning, hours after the November 3 ballot box, when he declared himself the winner of the elections, when he threatened to go to the Supreme Court.

“They are trying to rig the election. And we can’t allow that to happen,” the Democrats said Thursday.

He also saw media voting intentions polls, which for months characterized Biden as a front-runner, as “electoral interference in the truest sense of the word by powerful special interests.”

The president seems increasingly isolated within his Republican party as scrutiny continued in several states and Biden got him in the number of electoral votes needed to reach the White House.


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